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  1. rsvinylgraphics

    2005 Mazda3 2.3l Hypertech 62003 Question

    Yes it is compatible but the cost of it ($399) isn't worth the the gains you will get, only gain about 7HP and 10TQ.
  2. rsvinylgraphics

    2008 Mazda3 P0753 Code Question

    These are the causes of the P0753 code Causes Insufficient transmission fluid Dirty transmission fluid / filter Frayed wiring / damaged connectors Failing solenoid Failing transmission pump Internal pressure problems Valve body issue ECU or TCM failure Check fluid level and condition...
  3. rsvinylgraphics

    WTB: 2002 Protege5 coolant reservoir and Flow Master cat back

  4. rsvinylgraphics

    OBD2 Port Location for 2020 Mazda3?

    yes that is where they are located on most vehicles
  5. rsvinylgraphics

    2008 CX-9 starter relay jumper

    This is probably a dumb question, but did you check the battery to see if it is good?
  6. rsvinylgraphics

    3 Times - Major Squirrel Damage to Wiring

    Red (cayenne) pepper might work
  7. rsvinylgraphics

    How is Discount Tires doing?

    They do carry MOST tires in stock but some have to be special ordered. I just tried their website and looked for tires for a 2016 Cx-5 Sport and selected TOURING tires and thats all that came up, it did NOT show me any winter tires. Also I don't see where it says they want you to take them to...
  8. rsvinylgraphics

    Help with Finding part name/#

    looks like the abs speed sensor wire, the plastic clip might not be able separately you may have to buy the entire speed sensor harness. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MAZDA-OEM-13-15-CX-5-ABS-Anti-lock-Brakes-Front-Speed-Sensor-K0114370X-/201324775799
  9. rsvinylgraphics

    Mazdas247 / team pro5 stickers

    I can do it
  10. rsvinylgraphics

    2010 cx9 liftgate not working

    all the doors are unlocked when you try to open the tailgate, correct?
  11. rsvinylgraphics

    2010 cx9 liftgate not working

    Try this procedure https://www.autoserviceprofessional.com/article/98007/liftgate-re-learn
  12. rsvinylgraphics

    Paint chips & bubbles on roof

    looks like rust, if there is rust you will need to sand down to bare metal to get rid of the rust and use primer and a topcoat. You might want to consider having it repaired by a body shop. Best to get it repaired asap as it will spread fast.
  13. rsvinylgraphics

    2013~2016 My Fog lights - just died

    yes, fuses and relays would be the first thing to check
  14. rsvinylgraphics

    CX9 Window Control Switch

    is the part # of the new one the same as the old one?
  15. rsvinylgraphics

    rattling noise around strut

    well I don't know for sure but probably yes. There might be an aftermarket strut tower cap you can get, the old tower would have to be cut out and a replacement welded in but it wouldn't be cheap.
  16. rsvinylgraphics

    rattling noise around strut

    Looks to me like the strut towers rusted and the metal has torn away.
  17. rsvinylgraphics

    How is the turbo powered 2018+ mazda6 in the snow?

    yes its all about the tires
  18. rsvinylgraphics

    CX5 Unable to lock car after battery change

    how do you assume he has a bad transmission shifter? could be his battery was old and needed replaced.
  19. rsvinylgraphics

    Looking for part..

    yes that piece isn't sold separately, you would either have to buy a new power steering pump or pull one from a junkyard.
  20. rsvinylgraphics

    Looking for part..

    a picture would be very helpful