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    Intermittent no start

    Has anyone noticed their M5 for a no start or under power start? Not talking about just cold start. It happens randomly for me.
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    2010 M6 GT radio issue

    I have a Bose HU with no power and randomly works while driving. Need a solution or direction to solve.
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    Grand touring rear view mirror

    I am wanting to upgrade my rearview mirror in my 2012 M5 touring to a dimming mirror with compass. I have a sunroof. Does anyone know if it's plug and play or is there a wiring kit available.
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    Rear brakes and rotor @ 60k

    Has anyone experienced early wear on their m5? Just changed oil a month ago cuz local dealer had $59.99 special. Notes that rear brakes need to be changed and rotors turned. This is my first experience on any Japanese import that had rear brake wear out before the fronts. Is this accurate...