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    NEW Delco Mazda 2.0 starter

    I purchased this for my 2003 P5 because the starter was a little sketchy. It was wrecked before I could install. The Insurance took so long to make a determination that I could not return this. It is still brand new in the original box. I believe it is a rebuilt starter (as all of them are...
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    2003 P5 Protege 5 package tray

    This was in my P5 when it was wrecked. It is in good condition and works properly. These are getting very hard to find in this condition. I will not respond to stupid offers. Smoking hot price: $30 Buyer pays actual shipping per USPS quote.
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    221000 miles and broke the belt, now can run faster and jump higher; why?

    I have my beloved 2003 P5 automatic as a daily driver. On the way to work on Thursday, my timing belt broke. I have not experienced this before, but somehow I knew exactly what it was right when it happened. After the tow home, I remove the valve cover and the belt was sticking up into the...
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    foglights, harness, side markers, license plate bracket,

    You pay shipping pair of fog lights with no chips or cracks and working when removed $75 SOLD pair of side markers $12 SOLD license plate bracket $8 front bumper harness $8 I ship via FedEx for better rates and safety
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    I need to adjust my steering rack on my 03 P5

    Yes, there is an adjustment on the steering rack. There appears to be a giant Torx bolt in the middle of a regular hex nut. I have to buy the Torx tool. What size is that giant Torx?
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    help to dissassemble door mirror for paint

    I want to repaint the yellow portions of my electric door mirror. How do I get these apart? I thought about just taking the glass portion of the mirror out to see what is holding the backside on, but I do not want to break it I have tried a search on this forum, but only replacement threads...
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    new kid on the block

    I have always owned Hondas. I sold my 06 Civic 3 years ago just to buy the P5. This P5 may be the best car I have ever owned! I have been driving it for well over a year and I still love walking out to it and driving it every day. It is a bone stock canary yellow. I want to tint the windows...