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    Intermitted Power Loss, Please Help!

    I have been having an intermitted issue(s) on my 2003 Mazda Protege5 with 150,000 miles and a JDM motor. I cannot find a solution, can someone please help? The problem started last winter, and was not nearly as bad as it is now. The symptoms went away in the spring (warmer weather?), but came...
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    Mazda5 vs CX-5 wheels

    Hello all, About a month ago, I purchased a snow wheel+tire package on Tirerack for my wife's 2014 CX-5. The ones I purchased are 225 70 16 Blizzaks and 16x7 Sport Edition F7 with a 40+ offset. It has been pretty warm lately so there was not a rush to put these on, they are still at my house...