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    Gauges disappoint

    And that's the only way to get an accurate reading..
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    Gauges disappoint

    Lessor vehicles?? Sure we all love our CX5's but honestly, the market is saturated with these small SUV's that will be likely driven by soccer mom types. You think they want/need a gauge?...LOL.. Heck, they'll likely keep driving with CEL's and warning lights flashing on the dash. Honestly...
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    Gauges disappoint

    I don't know if you are aware if this, but on most cars these days, the temp "Gauge" is no more than an idiot light. The output has been smoothed and dithered to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy. For instance, My VW(s) register 190 (normal) when the actual (Scangauge) verified temp is...
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    Complete CX-5 Wheel Specs

    Rim width is no problem whatsoever. On the offset, this difference would be like putting 12mm spacers on your stock wheels. It takes 25mm to get your wheels out flusher (Many use spacers of this size) to the bodywork so you'll be just fine here too..
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    Fixing those wimpy CX-5 Exhaust Tips...

    Here: http://www.onlinemetals.com/merchant.cfm?pid=1226&step=4&showunits=inches&id=73&top_cat=60
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    Fixing those wimpy CX-5 Exhaust Tips...

    1/4" wall...
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    Wheel Spacers

    I've used these Ichiba's on a 370Z...Both styles, Version 1 requiring stud replacement, and Version 2 requiring a simple bolt on. Lots of Spacer widths to choose from and very nice quality. The CX5 uses the same part as the CX7. Since TPMS is an ABS rotationally based system, spacers should...
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    Opinion on bolt-on/weld on exhaust tip

    Neither Bolt-ons or weld-ons will have anything to do with warranty ever. C'mon, they're just exhaust tips! I made some: http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?123816540-Fixing-those-wimpy-exhaust-tips-gt
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    Problem removing bug residue/etching from gloss black plastic at top of grille

    Trust me, try the dryer sheets. You'll never use anything else. Paint friendly.
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    Problem removing bug residue/etching from gloss black plastic at top of grille

    Use a moist, used Bounce (or equivalent) dryer sheet...You'll be amazed at how well this works to remove Bug residue..
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    Navi Install

    Push it firmly from the back...The clips are pretty stiff..
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    How to reset the Check Engine Light

    That will rarely clear a real fault as they're held in the Eprom until cleared with a code reader. Best to find out what the issue is..
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    Brake dust

    Those won't reduce dust in the least. Pads make the dust...I'm actually surprised how little there is on this car..Maybe they're ceramics from the factory.. The light tan color sorta indicates that..
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    Rust-like spots on Pearl White

    Looks like something they call "Rail Dust"....A clay bar usually removes it..
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    Hood and Mirror Vibration

    Ah..Ok...Misread. After owning 65 cars the CX5 is about as good as it gets (excellent)....:-)
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    Made some new exhaust tips....>

    Matches the wheels almost perfectly which makes for a nice blended look from the rear quarter.. I intend to remove the chrome bits (debadge for a cleaner look) from the rear anyway...:-) I'm not a blingy guy..
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    Rear Splash Guard Installation questions

    Just snip with some wire cutters, or poke through with a Screwdriver. Not a big deal..
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    Hood and Mirror Vibration

    IMO, It's avery minor issue. Noticeable but Not enough to bother me anyway. It's likely NO NEW CAR will satisfy you then..
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    Demonstrators...or don't they do that any more?

    Please.....Unlikely any demo is going to get abused, especially a CX5. I've bought "New" cars with anywhere from 5 miles to 300 miles on them (transported from another dealer). No problems are going to result from Demo miles. If it does, you've got a warranty to protect you for the next 3-5 years.
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    Fixing those wimpy CX-5 Exhaust Tips...

    There slightly outside now. Only on since yesterday so we shall see. I wasn't getting any sooting before though. If you had a CX7 turbo I can see that happening as the turbos run pretty rich The ID of the tube allowed them to slip right over the existing tips and then held with set screws..