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    MSP, MP3, P5, Protege Parts. Motor Mounts, Body Panels, Stock Part Out, FS-DE Parts

    Time for another wave of parts from my 2001 Proteg MP3. Please feel free to PM me with any inquiries. 1) When you PM me, please quote your replies. I do not have time to search my inbox every time I get a replied message, to remember which parts you want, your offers, etc... This will help me...
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    Fire Sale!!! Mazda Protege, MP3 & MSP parts available!!!

    Hey everyone, I'm back in the USA & now its time for a final sale thread. I will try to keep this thread up to date daily. Assuming the list is up to date, I'm NOT going to reply to questions about the availability of parts. Please PM me with all other inquiries. Happy Mazda shopping. 1)...
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    Stage 2: Final MP3/MSP Part Out Thread!

    Alright, time for the final part out. Everything is up for sale, just make an offer. I will update this thread continuously & I will try to keep an updated list going of what is already sold/gone. If the list is up to date, I'm NOT going to reply to questions about the availability of parts...
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    Mega MP3/MSP Aftermarket Part Out!!

    What's up guys. Parting out everything aftermarket right now. The thread will get updated frequently this weekend until it is done. Here is the first big batch. Understand that a lot of this stuff is still on the car, and I am a full time student and work full time. So it may take me a few...
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    WTB: Mazda 6 brakes [calipers, rotors, pads]

    As the title states. Let me know if you've got some MZ6 brake parts laying around. Looking for front & rear rotors, calipers, pads. Interested in MS6 brakes, also. Will the MS6 rotor/caliper clear a 16" wheel?
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    WTB: Mazda6 17" oem wheels

    Friend of mine is looking to pick up a pair. He needs to replace 2 of his wheels. Possibly interested in a full set. Let me know what you've got. Also could be interested in a full set of some other wheels. OEM, and inexpensive preferably. Appreciate it.
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    Coolant leak...

    So, when I got out of my car @ work this morning, I heard what sounded like a a bubbling radiator/coolant. I popped my hood, and saw coolant bubbling and leaking out from the front left corner of the block. It's about 1" in front of the t-stat housing. It looked like it was not the t-stat...
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    WTB: Wheels, 16x8, 17x7.5, 17x8

    Looking for a new set of wheels. Preferably a 16x8, 17x7.5 or 17x8 but I'm open to other sizes. No high offsets, I don't want to use spacers anymore so I'm looking for an offset around +40. Let me know what you've got. ;)
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    DG Replica Lips

    Stumbled across this site, the first I've seen this lip offered. Not sure if others had seen it, but it's a cheaper DG knockoff from what it looks like. $209 shipped, decent. (shrug) http://nextmod.com/~nextmod/index.php?target=products&product_id=29805
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    Spring Clean: Audio, Gauges, Badges, etc...

    Some random stuff I have lying around that I need to get out of the way. If you need more detailed pics, let me know and I will get some to you (i.e. to see the amp layouts, etc...). I will accept trades. I have a few WTB items listed in my sig. Discounts will be given for bundled purchases...
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    Exhaust Hanger sizes

    Hey, I was wondering what size the CS exhaust hangers were for the MSP & for the MS6. The Protege is 12mm, correct? Is the MS6 the same? Thanks for your help!
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    FS: MSP & MP3 Parts. Updated! I got what you need!

    MSP & MP3 Parts. Updated! I got what you need! Ok, so I need to clean out some of this stuff that's cluttering up my apartment. Everything here is compatible with a 3rd Gen Mazda Protege. Some have universal applications. I will also accept trades. Discounts will be given for bundled...
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    $500 Craigslist Car Beats $400k WRC Rally Cars

    $500 1991 BMW 318i Beats $400k WRC Rally Cars This is one of the coolest stories I've read in a while. Had to share. Guy with no crew, no sponsors, builds a car in his garage and takes 3rd in his rally series. This is probably most of our dreams...
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    WTB: Rear Cross-member & Motor Mounts

    WTB: Motor & Trans. Mounts WTB: All 4 motor/trans mounts: Front, rear, passenger, and driver(transmission) mounts. Would love AWR or other aftermarket mounts, but I am interested in oem mounts as well. Let me know if you have any. I can send paypal asap. Edit* Don't need the rear...
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    WTB: Rear Swaybar Brackets

    Looking for the brackets that hold the bushings in place for the racing beat (19mm) rear swaybar. The ones off of the MP3 and MSP will both work. I only need 1, but I'll buy 2 if need be. Let me know. (rei)
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    New Orleans for New Years

    I'll be in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl & New Years Eve. I'll be there from the 30th until the 2nd. I'm staying a block from the French Quarter; anyone gonna be around or have any recommendations about where to go? Good food, drink? And how are laws around there regarding alcohol? I hear...
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    Spotted: Spicy MSP, I-75

    Saw a spicy MSP on the way to work today. Passed by him and a lot of other traffic right after I got on the highway (I was running a bit late to work, lol) but I believe he looked over at me as I passed him in the adjacent lane. I was in a yellow wingless MP3. I don't see many spicy MSP's...
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    Spotted: Blue MSP on I-75N (Cinci)

    As I was getting off the interstate around 7:55(?) on the way to work this morning and a very clean Blue MSP passed by. I didn't get a long look at it since I was getting off the interstate, but it looked like it was well taken care of. It's one of the few blue MSP's I've seen around the area...
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    Transmission Codes

    Where can I find a list of transmission & engine codes and serial numbers with their corresponding models & years?
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    2002 626 getting parted out in C-Bus...

    Just found this 626 on craigslist. It's got the good intake manifold if anyone is lookin for one. http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/pts/1172799174.html