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  1. MyFirstMazda

    Dead CX-5 battery and related problem

    Idk, you might get a ticket for speeding if they stay stuck.
  2. MyFirstMazda

    Have you weighed your CX-5?

    I'm curious about the real weight too. I find it hard to believe that it is as heavy as they publish.
  3. MyFirstMazda

    CX-5 Off Road Question

    I wouldn't go for a joy ride on an off road trail with my CX-5. I would go on gravel roads with minimal ruts and rocks to get to a fishing hole or exploring. The CX-5 has ridged low mud flaps, a low plastic nose, thin sheet metal. It isn't an off road SUV. It will go fine off road but expect to...
  4. MyFirstMazda

    2017~2020 Strange Oil Change problem - can't read the dipstick properly, low oil level warning

    You might want to check that oil is not leaking from the oil plug on the pan. There have been instances in which the dealer forgot to tighten it, or the crush washer 'broke'.
  5. MyFirstMazda

    CX-5 Bolt Question

    Can't you clean them up with a wire brush and reuse them?
  6. MyFirstMazda

    '16 CX-5 Sport 2.5L Drive Belt tensioner is leaking

    A few people had that issue. From my recollection the job didn't look that hard.
  7. MyFirstMazda

    Circles/squares on your Mazda are not for towing or pulling onto flatbed

    I didn't know there were tow points behind the front tires. Thanks.
  8. MyFirstMazda

    Circles/squares on your Mazda are not for towing or pulling onto flatbed

    As per this video, the narrator explains that the 'tow bar' access areas through the bumpers are not to be used. Ever. They were used for securing the cars while transporting them to the USA.
  9. MyFirstMazda

    New Car - When Should I really get my first oil change?

    I wouldn't wait to go 7.5k on the first oil and filter, but I guess people do wait that long. I suppose if one only plans to keep the car for 5 years or so then they can do minimum maintenance, the car will easily last 5 years.
  10. MyFirstMazda

    2019 CX-5 stuttering wipers

    That report describes a condition in which the wipers no longer move. Yours are functioning.
  11. MyFirstMazda

    Did Anyone Get A Tie Down Hook?

    I believe what yrwei52 says, it only makes sense to make the same part, unless one is made really cheap out of plastic. If an eyelet is strong enough to hold the car, why can't it be used for pulling the car? At what force will the frame bend? I can push my car without bending the frame on a...
  12. MyFirstMazda

    Did Anyone Get A Tie Down Hook?

    I find it strange that Mazda did not put anchor points on the car to use for recovery but put anchor points only for tying the car down. The tow hitch can be used for recovery on the back, for those people who have one.
  13. MyFirstMazda

    Extended Warranty - Turbo?

    "Well do ya punk?"
  14. MyFirstMazda

    Extended Warranty - Turbo?

    I never buy an extended warranty. My thinking is, if one is unlucky and got one of the cars that was made with defective parts or not put together right, the defects would show up under the factory warranty. But it's a gamble. Some defects will take a longer time to show up.
  15. MyFirstMazda

    Swaying and rocking

    Let us know what they say.
  16. MyFirstMazda

    Swaying and rocking

    Did they tighten the lug nuts?
  17. MyFirstMazda

    Poor gas mileage, questionable coil pack, oil on spark plugs...

    Do you drive with a lead foot? Take off fast from starts, and speed? Do you go on short trips? The CX-5 gets very bad mpg when it is cold, and if you go on short trips the mpg suffers.
  18. MyFirstMazda

    CX-5 Died

    It sounds like it was a defective transmission from the start. Why else would it go out with suck low mileage. Prior to it going out, did it give any signs of trouble? Slipping or funny shifts?
  19. MyFirstMazda

    Tire Rotation Vid and Q

    Noted. I picked those colors randomly. The yellow arrow is the one to the far right.
  20. MyFirstMazda

    Mazda Canada OWNERS- Looking to buy a GS AWD with Comfort package

    The Kia Sportage is very similar to the CX-5, but doesn't get as good gas mileage.