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    Bluebatoverlays for your Mazda !

    Offering custom Overlays since 2000 :)! Check out my gallery: www.bluebatoverlays.com Email me to order: bluebatmobile@san.rr.com
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    Bluebatoverlays.com 2gen Mazda 3 Sedan Taillight Overlays (PICS)!

    Full Redout Full Redout with custom reverse cutout :) *Also available in 20%, and lighter 60% Smoke Tints :). Email me to order. B@t
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    www.bluebatoverlays.com Offering Vinyl Overlays for your Mazda :). Email me to order ;). B@t
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    Blue Batmobile gen 3 Mazda Overlays now available!

    Just uploaded a ton of new Overlays for the gen 3 Mazda 3! Still need to add captions and prices, just email me in the meantime to order. Still working on the sedan overlays :). Check em out...
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    Blue Batmobile Protege 5 Overlay Gallery up!

    Finally put a gallery together just for the Protege 5. I still have to put in Overlay info underneath some of the pics, but you can always email me if you have and questions or would like to order ;). B@t check it out...
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    Blue Batmobile Miata Overlay Gallery, coming soon!

    I'll be creating a gallery for my Miata Overlays soon! Keep on the lookout :). B@t
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    Blue Batmobile MSP Overlay Picture Thread

    Post your Blue Batmobile Overlays here:)! B@t
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    Custom Mazda Overlays at BlueBatOverlays.com

    Hey guys, been around for years :)! Click my link below to view my custom vinyl overlays for the Mazda :). If there's something you're looking for and don't see it in my gallery, shoot me an email ;). I have lots of overlays that are not yet in my gallery. B@t
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    Blue Batmobile Overlay Gallery up for 2010's!

    Better late than never :). I also have other overlays as well :). Email me to order. B@t more pics here: http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y42/BlueBatmobile2005/Mazda%203%202010%20Overlays/ B@t
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    2010+ Mazda3 Gallery Finally Up!

    Better late than never :). I also have other overlays as well :). Email me to order. B@t™ My latest one, Smoked Redout :). more pics here: http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y42/BlueBatmobile2005/Mazda%203%202010%20Overlays/ B@t™
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    Blue Batmobile Overlay Picture Thread. Post your pics here!

    Hey guys. How about sharing your Blue Batmobile Overlay pics here :). Bat
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    Blue Batmobile Mazda 5 Overlays coming soon!

    Hey guys, been a liong time, but I'm still around :). Working on overlays for the Mazda 5, so if there is anything you want me to make in particular, post your request here ;). Bat
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    Blue Batmobile 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 Overlays coming soon!

    Hey guys! long time no see. Still around though. Just wanna let you know, I'm working on Overlays for the 2010 MS3 :). Post here if you have any suggestions of what you want. You can also email me. I dont get on site as much as I'd like! Bat
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    Bat's Roof Overlay now available! (PICS)

    Here you go. Email me if you'd like one. More pics soon! Bat
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    Bat seeking cars to sponsor for MSP Overlays!

    Guys, I'm looking for cars to rock my Overlays for the MSP. Esp for the taillights. I have full smoke, and full smoke w/reverse cutout just to name a few. Email me if interested ;). Bat
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    Bat Seeling MSP in San Diego to Rock Overlays

    Hey guys, I'm looking for aa MSP in the San Diego area to rock my Overlays. Email me if interested ;). Bat™
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    Bat's Full Smoke Taillight Overlay with reverse/turn cutout now available!

    Hey guys, I'm now offering a full smoke taillight with reverse/turn signals cutout. Waiting on pics. If your interested, I'm offering a rebate in exchange for some good pics for my gallery :). Email me to order ;). Bat™
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    Bat's Holiday Sale, 15% off your total order!

    Hey guys, I'm offering 15% off all my overlays for the Mazda 6 through December 24th, 2007. Email me to order. Happy Holidays :) Bat
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    Latest Incarnation of Bat's NSX(PICS)!

    I finally had some spare time from my busy schedule to finally get some pics of my car after getting some work done to it. I had the Downforce sideskirts(aka Stacy Sideskirts) front lip, DFR wing in Carbon Fiber and their new Rear Diffuser. I also had my rear lip painted matte black to tie in...
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    Seeking Protege 5 in the San Diego area for new Overlays!

    email me your contact info if interested :). Bat