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    2013~2016 Cx 5 2012

    googling the codes PO 304. Misfire in cylinder no. 4 PO 101. MAF. I'm thinking the the problem with PO 101 caused the PO 304. Don't just replacing the Mass Air Flow without making sure that is then problem. Check to make sure you don't have a vacuum leak in the air hoses to the intake. But...
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    Finally got my Miata

    After a year and a half of searching. The price people want for their Miata's here in Portland is incredible. Most are at least double book value. At book value expect to get complete junk. I had to drive 3 hours away to get a decent deal. This is a 2003 Club Sport. Seems there was only 50...
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    My new work car. 1989 MX-6 80,000 miles

    I wouldn't say Mazda stepped up their game. They have always made great cars. I like driving my 30 year old mx-6 more than driving the cx-5. So much so I sold the cx-5. As far as reliability I drove my 1990 626 to almost 400,000 miles before I gave it to a friend. And it was still running great.
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    2017~2020 Best way to sell new cx-5

    I have my CX-5 posted on craigslist right now for $10,500. Which looks like its about the best deal there. The problem with craigslist is the add does cost $5. And gets buried very quickly by other posts, especially dealer adds. I can see the same car posted 5 or 6 times. Not just one car but...
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    Mazda emblem on steering wheel peeling.

    I went with black satin. Here is the best I could do since you cannot remove the emblem from the steering wheel. Not perfect, but better than before.
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    2017~2020 Best way to sell new cx-5

    I used the coverking mesh seat covers on my cx-5. I no longer use them and threw them away. I removed the bottom seat cover for cleaning. I could not believe how much dirt goes through. It got meshed up in the fabric. Also put some wear on the side of the seat, because they do fit very tight.
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    How many Mazdas have you owned?

    Seven, all great cars 1985 GLC 1979 RX7 1988 626 1990 626 2013 CX-5 Currently Own 1989 MX-6. (Daily driver) 2003 Miata. Club Sport Edited to add the Miata
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    Mazda emblem on steering wheel peeling.

    Old post but finally getting around to fixing this, because I now have the car for sale. I will go to the autoparts store and get some spray paint for plastic. What kind of black paint should I get. Satin, semi gloss, flat, and I don't know what else. looking for a black that would be...
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    Clutch Master cylinder leaking

    Now you tell me.
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    Clutch Master cylinder leaking

    Last update for this repair. Using the instructions in the link you don't have to do the following. 3. You must remove the Battery, but don't have to remove the PCM or battery tray. 5. I disconnected the electrical but did not removed the switch until the pedal assembly was out of the car. I...
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    Clutch Master cylinder leaking

    Yes that might be the case. I ordered the Master cylinder. It will be here on Monday. Im not waiting on the switches. The first thing the directions say in the removal of the clutch pedal assembly is remove the switches. So I f they go bad I can replace them easily. Edit. I started taking...
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    Clutch Master cylinder leaking

    After reading over the directions again. It says to install a new starter interlock switch, and new clutch pedal position switch. Not sure why I can't reuse the other parts. Can anyone verify if this has to be done?
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    My new work car. 1989 MX-6 80,000 miles

    Another update of my mx-6 Turns out the cv joint boots are not torn so don't have to worry about it. So I am just about done with this car. Its now a reliable daily driver. Here is what I did 1. Alternator. Mazda does not sell it anymore. So went to rock auto and got a denso. Which is...
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    Clutch Master cylinder leaking

    I think you are right. Not sure why Mazda would make such a cheap part that is a lot of work to replace. They used to make them like brake master cylinders. Now just a plastic piece, no wonder is bad already. Oh well, hopefully the dealer will have one and I can have a busy Sunday.
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    Clutch Master cylinder leaking

    Anyone replace one of these yet? Seems really early at 75,000 miles. I was reading the service Manuel that I downloaded from this site. The clutch pedal assembly has to be removed with the master cylinder as a single unit. Then I can replace the master cylinder. Ok a lot of work but I can...
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    Found a unicorn?

    Nice car. Always liked the 626 hatch. I drove a 90 626 sedan DX for about 25 years, and now very happy to have my 89 MX-6. It was very reliable. Those wheels look like its from a 4 wheel steering 626.
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    Sunroof Stuck Open?

    Check your fuses
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    New to the Mazda CX-5 family

    How many years and miles does this warranty give you, and will it provide you with anything for a creak, croak, or groan? I think not. I've had my 2013 for 4 years and now has about 70,000 miles. Only needed to replace the brake light switch. Cost me $20. Handling is tight, I see no need for...
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    M/T Failing? Don't know how to determine . . .

    1. I would suspect the timing being off, since it sounds like everything was fine before the timing belt slipped. I have heard of cam being 180 degrees off, but never experienced it since I always had my timing lined up before a timing belt change. 2. If it has a distributor, check the routing...