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    WTB: Stock Air Intake System for Protege 5

    I need one ASAP.
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    Why should I buy a Mazdaspeed Protege?

    Ok everyone I currently own a 2002 Mazda Protege 5, and it just aint cutting it. When I first bought my Protege 5, I had about 8k to spend, I saw the Mazdaspeeds and immediately wanted one, but the lowest price for one at the dealership was 16k, so I went with the Pro5. I look around all the...
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    Megan Racing Springs?

    Any Protege5's with these springs ive heard they give up to a 2" drop. Was wondering if anyone had a picture
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    Protege5 owners with a Megan Cat-Back Exhaust

    What have you done to stop the rattling in the back? Do the Kartboy hangers work? Or is there some other modification that is done?
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    WTB: Protege 5 ECU

    Looking for a working Protege 5 ECU for a Auto matic with tiptronic transmission, ill find out the number for it tomorrow
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    FS: PSP with game and all the extras!

    Ok for my birthday my girlfriend bought me a Sony PSP. I really thought I would use it, but I only used it once on a 3 hour trip to Tennessee.Right now its just collecting dust and have no ue for it. Here is a list of everything that will be included. It was the value pack and I got some extra...
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    I broke my antenna!

    OK I was washing my car at one of car wash's that you deposit a dollar and get like 5 minutes to wash the whole thing. So im going quickly trying to get the whole car washed in one turn and Im doing the roof and BAM! I stepped in soap, slipped forward and knocked my antenna clear out of hole...
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    Battery Light Stays On?

    Ok I have a scenario, recently my car broke down, the lights inside the car were dim and everytime I turned the headlights on the car would turn off. So I took it to a shop got it looked at, they put 2 alternators in (1 used/1 new) still had a problem. They give me two options: 1: Drive around...
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    WTB: Kartboy Hanger for PR5

    Just as the title says
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    Question for P5's with Megan Cat Back

    Have you guys done anything to get rid of the rattling? Does the Kartboy Hanger work? Thanks
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    Can they be serious?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Nitrous-Kit-Mazda-Miata-Protege-RX7-RX8-6-626_W0QQitemZ8062544051QQcategoryZ33740QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Looks fake as hell, and picture on the box isnt even real!(omg)
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    WTB: Amber fog light overlays

    just wondering if anyone has some theyd like to get rid of
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    Spotted: Blue and Red Protege 5 in Gainesville

    Saw them the other day on Archer and just wondering if theres ay of the two on this board. Mines white by the way
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    Problem i noticed

    Ok when I start my car up, ill put in reverse and it kinda just rolls back, cause the parking lot is on a little slant, and it does really go into gear kinda just wants to shut off but the engine is still on. Ill hit the gas and nothing, but the brakes stil work. Shift it to drive hit the gas...
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    Help please, am i gettng raped?

    Ok well my car died today, and i went to a shop. I got a diagnostic(to find the problem), new battery(one reason why it wasnt starting), new ignition fuse(blew out when they guy helping me put the pos. jumper on the neg., and vice versa) OK, so the guy says I need a new alternator. My car...
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    Spicy Orange MSP

    Im pretty sure it was Pates, but just making sure. It was on Archer near Shands in Gainesville. I almost had you too (boom03)
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    COSMO Racing Power Tuning Cold Air Intake System

    Sells for about 120Canadian, (dont know if it would be cheaper in US or not) Anyone have it? Thoughts?
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    I need help please, this is serious!!!!!

    Ok i recently smashed my fingernail with a 35lb weight, and i need to know how to drain the blood. It hurts like a bitch, ive tried a needle, 5 times, and only small amounts have come out. And please be serious, this sucks ass.
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    New Megan Cat-Back Exhaust

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    Got T-boned

    Got T-boned today. Pulling out of the parking lot, a couple tried to cut across the parking lot and hit me its about 1300 in damage, will have pics in a little bit.