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    Tranny died on me during uphill.

    Yesterday coming back from work at 2:00am, i was going on a off-ramp going slightly uphill the transmission just died. No more power at all couldnt accelerate wahtsoever. TPMS light and TCS light came on, pulled over on the side put the tranny back in PARK then back to DRIVE start going again...
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    TSB out in Canada for hood and mirror shake.

    I have an appointment the 18th of december for the driver side mirror and a repair for the hood shaking at hwy speed. The service guy told me that they need to change the mirror assy completely and as for the hood it's got something to do with glue. They told me they need to keep my CX5...
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    Real time consumption read out.

    Did anyone noticed that when you coast to a stop sign or a light if you leave it in drive the real time consumption read's 0.0 and if you put it in neutral it show's 0.8l/100km?? Not a big deal but just trying to understand the logics behind this. By the way sorry if it's not completely clear or...
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    Blown speaker's.

    I have a GS awd CX5 and the 2 front speaker's are blown already. Never been hard on them and only have 2 1/2 month's on it. Dealer ordered them and will change the 2 front speaker's at no charge and no arguing. Happen to anyone else??
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    Minor problem.

    Ok went for my first oil change today. I ask for the driver side mirror vibrations to be check. The seat that is coming out on both side and the 2 front speaker seems to be blown or something. Answer: They know about the mirror but are waiting for a solution. They dont have the...
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    Hey guy's, got my CX5 2 month's ago and i have roughly 2200km on it so far. Really happy with my ride and waiting for some aftermarket part's to personnalized my CX5. Trade in my 3speed for it, had a SRI, DP, COBB AP and a nice set of Ventus on it. Big drop on power but a lot more practical.