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    2013 CX5, Sport, 6sp Manual, H&R and Koni SA, Silver, black OZ rims, Bay Area, CA

    2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport 6 speed manual, 2.0L engine, FWD With Hill stop so will not roll back, easy to learn if you want an manual Average 31.5mpg, tracked by Fuelly Metallic Silver with Black interior (leather seats) Currently ~98K (just oil/filter changed) One owner, never over rev*d, Since...
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    High Mileage CX-5s - report in

    Another year report , 2013 cx5 85k on hr springs just replaced Oem struts with Koni SA rides much better Replaced plugs still looks pretty good, flushed manual tranny with redline still shifting smoothly. No other issues. Still getting 31-32mpg, on 2nd set of tires No oil consumption...
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    High Mileage CX-5s - report in

    4 year report in, got in Dec 2012, base model 6 speed manual 67,000 miles Original tires lasted 40k with h&r springs Averaged 32mpg Just oil changes etc nothing major, will flush brake and tranny fluids soon No squeaks or rattles, original brakes Any other questions please ask
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    All about CX-5 longevity

    3yrs 50k check in here -no issues no oil consumption -oem yoko geo tires still got tread -self installed leather seats holding up well -brakes pads still good -fuelie average 32... -all this on h&r springs and light wheels
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    OEM 17 in wheels, for winter anyone

    yea I think is the shipping, 20-25 per wheel. I was asking for $480 without shipping, they are practically new.
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    OEM 17 in wheels, for winter anyone

    I have a set of OEM 17, used 1 month, sitting in box, let me know if anyone is interested, also listed in classified. no tires
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    a cheap way to stiffen that bushing up is to fill the gap w/ Urethane material, WRX guys buy STI ones and fill them up w/ urethane (engine mount), make sure you clean up the OEM one before filling. that will give you a stiffer yes less harsh solution. just fyi.
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    Rear cargo light fuse?!

    just remove the wire you tapped into, looks like you didn't touch it, and tell them the bulb stopped working and see what they say, yea you need a new module, I was trying to do the same thing, they replaced it free and told me disconnect neg terminal for any bulb replacement in the future.
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    2013 CX5 OEM 17" rims, like new - No Longer Available

    2013 CX5 OEM 17" rims, like new used for 3 month, changed out rims, sitting in box since, no rash, no scratch, really like new List Date: 12/12/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2013 CX5 OEM 17" rims, like new -------------------------------------- This item is no...
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    New 2016 CX-5 Questions and thoughts

    m2c, Likes: new dash, little change makes a big difference, exp. high end models. Likes: new lights w/ LED looks more upscale just ok: the grill, rim design..
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    CX-5 w/ manual: real-world MPG?

    no manual issues here, ave. 32mpg for the last 32K miles
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    New Product Release!! 2014 MAZDA CX-5 2WD Rear Sway Bar

    agree here, is working the tires more and less understeer, quicker turn in also. all front biased cars can use a larger rear sway, ask any MS3, GTI, Audi and Honda guys. waiting to get better tires when Oem goes out.
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    How many miles do you have?

    30k, 20 month, I think someone here has 80k on the 2.0L knock on wood so far so good. either case there is so much room in there easy for an engine swap maybe I need to look for a wrecked 2.5L and mated to my 6 speed :)
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    Big different between iSport and touring/GT?

    if you are getting Auto get the 2.5L
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    On the fence: Nissan Juke or CX-5?

    get the Nismo RS, 6sp, 215hp turbo, recaro seat, all for 26k, not bad, FWD one comes w/ LSD. you really need to know what you going to use the car for first. I needed high MPG and room to drive hockey kids around, cx5 works great! if my kid play any other sport I probably be looking at WRX...
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    all 2013 cx-5 owners beware, you might have a rust going on under your hood!

    you are missing a clear pad there, ask dealer to cleanup touch up and place the clear sticker back on. all minor issues but things like these drive owners crazy. maybe buy a Toyota or Honda next time.
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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I don't have issues with mine (JBR-but bushing&bracket are off the shelf item-Prothane), did you tighten the bushing bracket first before the end links? make sure the rear wheels are on a ramp before tighten the end links. those Hotchkis are nice! better than the JBR ones!
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    Brace yourself

    sorry just one more on this, JBR has an CNC'd one but it will be hard to get that upper bolt. http://www.jamesbaroneracing.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=46_224_275&products_id=735
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    Brace yourself

    looking at the rear, is best to weld a few reinforcement plates, I did that for my BMWs, since larger bars on my track car will break the tabs off. I have the JBR SW in the back and I've pushed it pretty hard, they have not cracked yet, and I hope they stay that way, I'll keep an eye on them...
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    Brace yourself

    I didn't know our CX5 is that weak, they made way too many braces for this car. is not even an open top car. if they are at it, they should make a butterfly brace like the ones for Miata :)