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    2013 CX5, Sport, 6sp Manual, H&R and Koni SA, Silver, black OZ rims, Bay Area, CA

    2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport 6 speed manual, 2.0L engine, FWD With Hill stop so will not roll back, easy to learn if you want an manual Average 31.5mpg, tracked by Fuelly Metallic Silver with Black interior (leather seats) Currently ~98K (just oil/filter changed) One owner, never over rev*d, Since...
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    OEM 17 in wheels, for winter anyone

    I have a set of OEM 17, used 1 month, sitting in box, let me know if anyone is interested, also listed in classified. no tires
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    2013 CX5 OEM 17" rims, like new - No Longer Available

    2013 CX5 OEM 17" rims, like new used for 3 month, changed out rims, sitting in box since, no rash, no scratch, really like new List Date: 12/12/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: 2013 CX5 OEM 17" rims, like new -------------------------------------- This item is no...
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    rear arm rest matching trim

    I'll be in china in a few weeks thinking of getting this, http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. I hope it matches the front.
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    Lower Front grill, Homedepo method

    I don't like the big opening in front, like the Miata, so i made this mesh grill too bad I can't find wider ones. here is a pic. at least nothing large can hit the radiator now.
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    Adding VDO gauges, Oil temp and Coolant temp.. or Oil press?

    I am thinking of installing 2 gauges right under the dial controls, that one area in front of the shifter sometimes next year. I have oil temp, press and Volt on my BMW and Miata just oil temp, since it comes w/ oil pressure. for CX5, since lack of coolant temp (yes I know there is a sensor...