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    Two car part out, GT3071r, Gt2876r, intake, inlet, flywheel and more

    Will the piping fit on a Gen2? Ill be in jersey at the end of the month.
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    2008.5 Mazdaspeed3 Part-Out

    Will that e-brake cover fit a gen2?
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    Cp-e TMIC

    I already bought this.
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    09 MS3 Stock Race Pipe

    Willing to take offers? pm me.
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    Gutted Stock DP

    Willing to take offers?
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    FS: Parting Out

    I wonder, could I make that TWM short throw fit in my gen2?
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    Gutted Stock DP

    Will this fit a gen2?
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    Clearing out some space in the basement

    Interested in spacers, let me know if anything falls through
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    Cobb Short Shifter

    To slow, I was looking for one of these to try something with a second gen.
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    ETS 3.5" top mount intercooler

    Ive been wondering the same thing. Im still waiting on a pm back at another forum... If it does fit, im very interested :)
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    Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge

    Just so people are aware. This does not yet work with the Gen 2. Im local to Aeroforce and have been actively working with them to get the Gen 2 update ready by next week.
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    ETS TMIC, Corksport Testpipe, OEM TMIC, OEM Coldpipe

    Ill take the TP if it will fit the gen 2 with the stock CBE/DP
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    Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge

    Interesting. I may have a use for this, though I wouldn't be able to use this at the same time as my AP. That price OBO?
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    FS: DI-NOC White Carbon Fiber film

    I got $20, I dont need it but I can wrap my computer case and watercooling parts in it.
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    2010 Mazda 3 or MS3 All weather floor mats

    Im interested, wonder how you could get em to cleveland though.
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    Street unit dual hybrid bpv

    oooo, i want this.
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    WTB- HPFP (CPE or internals)

    still looking