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    gen 2 MS3/MZ3 OEM headlights (pair) + SU black painted "M" emblems

    I'd take the other badge; is it the same as gen 1?
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    Hypertech power programmer; COBB sri; Saikou Michi oil catchcan kit

    replied. i know, it's an incredibly difficult addiction to resist :)
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    Hypertech power programmer; COBB sri; Saikou Michi oil catchcan kit

    they are not the same. in a nutshell, the AP is a true tuning and monitoring device, and can use different maps for different needs/mods. the HT mostly removes stock tune limitations like lack of boost in low gear/rpm range, top speed limit, etc. it has a few built-in maps to account for...
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    Hypertech power programmer; COBB sri; Saikou Michi oil catchcan kit

    ^ thx. yes, and that's exactly what was done. it's 'unmarried' from my car and sitting in a drawer. and let me tell you, i miss it sorely; my single most favorite mod.
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    Hypertech power programmer; COBB sri; Saikou Michi oil catchcan kit

    Everything sold UPDATE: ALL ITEMS IN THIS THREAD SOLD! Thanks for interest and buying my stuff! Mods please close the thread. Thx!
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    Quaestion for all you MS3 owners, would this appeal to you?

    sounds like a good idea and the modifications you selected seem right on. i would also consider rear motor mount insert and shifter bushings; cheap, easy, and worthwhile mods.
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    CPe Nano with Cobb TIP?

    i just installed the cp-e nano mated to a cobb TIP last weekend. the cobb TIP must be a bit shorter than the stock TIP because the nano is pulled somewhat toward the intercooler (instead of sitting in the center of the empty space freed by the stock air box), and it doesn't perfectly align with...
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    The little details....

    nice. i really like the badge over the holes in the hatch, and with the wiper delete it looks sharp. the oem badges are just too damn big.
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    Cpe nano

    ^ thanks. we've been already talking :) just sold it to him OP send me a PM; i'm interested in this intake
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    Cpe nano

    i'm interested. trade you the cp-e cai? :)
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    Fs: Back to stoc misc.

    i might want the shift knob; send me a pic
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    Does you car tell you when to change the oil?

    yea i totally don't get the 3000 thing. for normal conditions it's every 7500 and most of us use synthetic oil, which should further extend the interval.
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    Painting Interior Trim

    ^ looks nice. you should delete that unsightly-ass power cord for the radar det. they sell kits for ~$15 that will let you directly wire it. there's a how-to somewhere that shows a connection to the harness located in the map light housing.
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    Wtb- cai & bov

    i'm also looking to sell my cp-e CAI. pm for details if interested
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    quick question need answer

    ^ hahahaha one of the funnier posts i've ever read :)
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    Should I trade the 2006 MS6 for a 2010 MS3

    don't do it, unless you seek the practicality of a hatch. ms6 is a very cool car and quite unique.
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    E4 Performance heavyweight knob impressions

    this has to be the most thorough shifter knob review ever! :) thanks for sharing.
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    two cars?

    that's about ~20k miles a year, not too terrible, and if it is mostly highway i wouldn't sweat it; stick with a pretty safe and comfortable, and a very enjoyable car you already have.
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    Best bushing grease? - Sway Bars

    the grease for rubber bushings has to be synthetic because the petroleum based will eat at the rubber. i used Green Grease when i installed RSB 6 months ago and not a squeak so far.
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    New Wheels!

    if you deleted the moldings the wheels would look much better :)