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    Cleaning out the garage. Some stock parts and whatnot!

    Trying to clean up the garage and make some extra cash to pick up a second car. PM me and we can work out the best prices / shipping. I'm more than reasonable to adjust the pricing if I'm out of my league! Slimline Antenna. $10 OBO + Shipping Never used only opened to take photos for sale...
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    Hatchkitten's Interweb Garage Sale...Stuff For You, & Your Lady!?! Yup!

    Okay, so I figured I should probably get rid of some things I have no need for anymore that are just sitting around my room. Please don't be afraid to low ball me, a lot of this stuff I just want GONE! All prices ARE NEGOTIABLE / OBO! Buyer pays shipping from 11735. I work retail, I'll find a...
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    WTB: Hood dampeners

    Just like it says. Wondering if anyone has a pair of hood dampeners to sell. Figured I'd check here before I buy new. Thanks guys!
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    Cessna RC Plane w/ Transmitter

    I am selling my remote controlled airplane and transmitter remote. I really don't know all too much about the plane itself, I used to be in an RC club in middle school. Our teacher retired that year and raffled off his personal collection of planes to the students. This is the one I won. It was...
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    interior lighting / auto dim??

    So, my boyfriend and i went to go and hook up my ozinum LED light strips to light up the footwell on the driver and passenger sides the other day on my P5. My we tapped into my map lights for the live wire and the ground...but they won't go off when the door is closed and do not auto dim. In...
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    Hatchkitten's Protege5 Thread!

    Hey Guys! So I've been on the forums for a while now and its about time that i made my own thread here....cause I love you guys. So here it is. This is my Sunlight Silver Metallic Protege5. His name is Chester. I bought him with 32,000 miles on it. He was originally from PA. I only waited a...
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    WTB: Silver P5 Passanger Mirror

    Passenger side door mirror got hit during the last North eastern snow this past thursday. The black casing around the mirror is cracked..functional but cracked. I need a new one. Offers please?!?
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    Hey! Any other P5's in the NY Long Island Area???

    Hey, was wondering if there was any other protege5's on the forum that are from around LI. Got a bunch of friends i meet up with on thursdays with mz3's and ms3's, but was wondering if there were any other p5 people around.
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    Mounting License Plate Bracket???

    Hey there, So i'm new to THIS forum, i just got myself an 02 Protege5 with 33kmiles on it. HOWEVER, it came from Pennsylvania, where you don't need a front plate. And it kills me to drill into my brand new love of my life. i don't want to get a ticket and i cant just zip tie it to the grill...