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    2010 cx9 valve cover seals

    Ok, had to do the water pump because the bearings went out. Thought the engine would be toast but it turned out just fine. I've got an oil leak though and figured out that its coming from the seals around the vvt solenoids. They're new, they just don't seem tight enough. Anyone else experience...
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    2007~2015 Need part number for CX-9 Solenoid Valve Body O-rings

    Hi all, I've had the dreaded water pump failure on my 2010 Mazda CX-9 3.7. I'm doing fine with getting the work done, I'm at a loss though on finding seals for the Solenoid Valve Body. It's the part that fits into the end of the cam phaser and holds the VVT solenoid. Where it fits into the...