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    CX-7 rear muffler swap

    Anyone know if a dual outlet rear muffler from a 2.3 turbo will bolt onto a single outlet 2.5 NA? Not after any sporty ricer note, just want to fill up the left side tailpipe blank panel. Inlet pipe flange and hanger brackets look to be similar (thought)
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    2010 CX-7 2.5L Factory Workshop Manual

    Is there a factory type workshop manual available for these cars in pdf at all, and is there a link available so I can purchase one please?
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    Leather seats conversion

    I have a 2010 CX-7 Classic (Australian model) with cloth seats and no lumbar or tilt function (hand), and have the opportunity to purchase a leather interior (no memory drivers seat, but who cares)...anyone done a seat conversion in one of these, and what wiring, if any, does Mazda provide for...
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    2010 Mazda CX7 2.5 Auto Parking Brake Conversion.

    Hi all from Australia...new to Mazda's, and was wondering if anyone has done a foot operated park brake conversion to the centre console position, as in the manual transmission models? From what I can see, just by looking at pics, I'd be needing a handbrake lever assembly, manual centre console...