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    BAD MPG advice PLEASE...

    Guess that you did not read my reply, this is my 3rd Mazda!! So because of great past experience with them and their advertisement; I purchase this vehicle. Guess that I should had waited a year or two then read these posts.
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    BAD MPG advice PLEASE...

    Don't know why you think that we are funny but Hey! everybody has their own opinion, as for myself, this is my third mazda and the worst one for mpg. Main reason that I bought this vehicle was due to their advertizement about how good this car was on mpg which is totally wrong, well at least...
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    Billet BOV

    Have anybody noticed that when the car is trying to shift in 6th gear, it takes a long time and high rpm and basically you have to either reduce the throttle pressure or manually shift it to 6. Just came back from a long hwy drive 800 each way and noticed when I would either get onto the hwy or...
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    BAD MPG advice PLEASE...

    Well just came back from MI and the best gas mileage I got on my 07 awd is 240 per tank going at 68 mph, did noticed that my rpm was running at times 400 faster than normal since usually at 68 mph my rpm are at 2,200. One more year before it's paid off and it's gone. The vehicle is great...
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    DashKit Exterior Trim

    OK! Found a site that actually carries a dash kit for our vehicle, it can be either carbon fiber or wood, they also carry exterior trim kits with various colors and materials. Just order the real japanese cherry trim for interior and real chrome for the outside, all together $450. Check them...
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    Carbon Fiber Hood and Door Trim

    Well, never heard back from extremedimension so found another company that is well know in other forums topshopcarbon and they have responded back towards perhaps creating a CF hood and perhaps some CF door trim. Perhaps if they have more emails from us, they might be more interested. From what...
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    Regular Gas for 2008 CX7

    Well! for the last 10,000 miles I've been running 87 octane in my 07 and haven't seen any problems with so. The performance is the same as is also the poor gas mileage. My friend has been running 87 since she had the car and now has over 16,000 miles and have not had any problems with her car...
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    Improvement since Upgrades

    Just wondering if any of you have seen great improvements since you have either upgraded your CAI, exhaust, turbo or even adjusted your electronic management system. Since our car is well known for lousy gas mileage, I was hoping that these upgrades have help in that area and if so then I would...
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    OEM Spark Plugs

    Boostr What is the NGK model that you are using, I did the same thing with my Jetta and did notice a better performance except that you had to change the plugs more often but it's worth it.
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    CX-7 iPod Dock

    Sad Part of the Neo link is that with my Nano 4g, it's very tempermental, it will work sometimes but when it does work, it works. I've reported the issue with Neo and basically they have responded once with a duh!! So for the price of it, take your chances. I'm still using it. I think one...
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    Ipod Intergration w/factory Nav

    Not to be a PIB but read the above post and go onto their website which states that it would not affect your NAV system. Since you have a SAT port on your radio then it should work. Just need to program your SAT functions once the adapter is connected.
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    Reset my Auto UP/Down for Windows

    This weekend I installed the Neo Ipod Adapter which needed to disconnect the negative battery cable and now my auto up and down for the windows are not working and a matter of fact my passenger front window does not work thru my controls but does work thru the passenger's control. I've seen the...
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    Ipod Intergration w/factory Nav

    Sorry for the confusion, my car does not have NAV. If you have a SAT port on your Head Unit, I do not see any reason why it would not work and on their web site, it does state that it will work with the NAV system, you can also go to www.neocaraudio.com site to read about it.
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    Head Unit

    While installing my Neo Ipod adapter, noticed that there was an empty space in the center of the HU like if at one time there was a cassette player there and under it, there's a black din plug connector, have anyone seen this before and what's the purpose of either one. Thanks
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    Ipod Intergration w/factory Nav

    Well! Installed it today and once I program it, it works great, just have to remember which preset key to push to select either a track or playlist and it does display the artist or song whichever one you prefer. The only issue that I've seen is that when you either turn off power or select...
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    Ipod Intergration w/factory Nav

    Ipod/Aux Adapter Just received my Neo Prolink adapter which is basically made for our car and supposedly will not effect the nav system. Will try to install it this weekend and let you all know how it went. You can go to their site and read their info. http://www.icarkits.com/
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    Ipod Integration with Bose and Nav system

    One More ? Ok! Just bought the pioneer Inno Portable XM-MP3-WMA radio and have been using it in my van and loving it but now I would like to start using it in my CX but have the Bose system without the tech or nav system. Notice there's a media button and was wondering if I could use that and...
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    Great Ipod-MP3-Satellite FM transmitter

    Just got my adapter which is broadcast thru any FM station and tested it with my Satellite radio and works great, no static at all unless you have the volume way high and you just hear a little bit of hiss, drove thru PA and NJ near major cities and no interference at all, a matter of fact once...
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    Bad gas mileage revisited

    Ouch! I too notice my gas mileage got worse since the cold weather arrive, now instead of being 16 mpg on hwy it's now about 13 mpg, I'm a pretty mellow person but seeing this gas mileage brings the NY city verbage out of me. As far as changing the octane, Dude, I've been using 89 octane since...
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    Web Site for Ipod

    Have any of you heard of this site and have tried their equipment. Have sent them a note asking if they make one for our car. Hopefully, YES!!!(bow) http://www.ipodcarkitdirect.co.uk/