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  1. J

    2017~2020 Video From autoexpert.com.au about 2020 Mazda CX5

    Do not watch if you are of a nervous disposition. You have been warned...;)
  2. J

    Lack Of Headroom In CX-30

    So, I happened to pass by a local Mazda dealer and tried the CX30 for size. Oh dear, the headroom is not much better than the 3. I'm 6 feet 2 and my head was only about half an inch below the headliner and this was on the seat at it's lowest setting with a reasonable recline. Going over big...
  3. J

    Changelogs For Infotainment Sysytem (1st Generation Mazda Connect)

    Thanks to ASH8 at https://mazda3revolution.com/forums/...e-now-253.html CHANGELOGs for First Generation MZD-Mazda Connect FIRMWARE. Does NOT apply to all New 2019 Mazda 3 (BP). SYMPTOMS The following symptoms can be improved by the latest software (Ver. 70.00.335C). Improved symptoms...
  4. J

    Our MZD System Is Not As Bad As We Think

    Extract of bug fixes from a Peugeot 3008 forum: D5AQ016LQ0: LIST OF MALFUNCTIONS OF SOFTWARE AND FOR THE AUDIO-NAVIGATION NAC If the customer symptom corresponds to at least one of the malfunctions below : Apply this document : Black screen Systematic or sporadic...
  5. J

    Powertrain Control Module - Special Service Campaign

    Just had this letter through the door. Includes "Your vehicle is now required to be installed with the very latest and improved engine calibration software. Software will also be installed to enhance the accelerator response as well as provide engine noise reduction." More Zoom Zoom and less DPF...
  6. J

    New Version of Mazda Toolbox Out

    Hi all Just downloaded new version of Mazda Toolbox 4.4.2 (Rev 2103123#b640). No obvious improvements.
  7. J

    Attention UK Peeps - New Brochure and Pricelist On Mazda UK Website

    Hi all See https://www.mazda.co.uk/cars/all-new-mazda-cx-5/
  8. J

    For EU Users New Firmware 59.00.545A Released

    Hi all Changelog here https://www.drive2.com/l/505812458368139493/ If only the linked TSB's weren't in Russian. See post 2768 and 2777 and 2787 http://mazda3revolution.com/forums/2014-2017-mazda-3-skyactiv-audio-electronics/98202-mzd-connect-all-firmware-version-only-downloads-277.html...
  9. J

    New Map Update Dated 31 May for European Users

    As the title. For the first time ever today I received an email about the map updates. Downloaded and installed.(yippy)
  10. J

    New Version of Mazda Toolbox

    Just downloaded new version of Mazda Toolbox V4.2 (Rev 2091556#6319). No idea what the improvements are but it must fix some bugs.
  11. J

    New Mazda Toolbox Version Available - 4.2 Rev 2082257#6256

    No idea what the improvements are but it must squash some bugs?
  12. J

    Successfully Updated headunit to 59.00.532 EU

    To all EU peeps I've successfully updated to the above firmware. No idea what the improvements are other than it now includes the Ukranian language. Anyway, it makes me feel better to have the latest and greatest.(dance)
  13. J

    Artificial Intelligence system could replace sales staff in car dealerships

    Artificial Intelligence system could replace sales staff in car dealerships No not an April Fool. Do people feel this would be an improvement?(wink) https://www.am-online.com/news/technology/2017/10/31/Artificial-Intelligence-system-could--replace-sales-staff-in-car-dealerships-
  14. J

    Service Item Query - Fuel Injection System

    Hi all Just had my first service on my 2.2 Diesel Auto. There's one item on the service list I don't understand, - "Fuel Injection system, update to injection amount correction with Mazda Diagnostic Tester". Is this some form of re - calibration after 1 year?
  15. J

    July 2017 Map Update Available

    Hi All As the title. Downloading now.(nana)
  16. J

    2017 Mazda CX5 PDI (Youtube Video)

    Hi all Just discovered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pOj9phHfsA on my internet travels. Dennis appears to do a good job. I didn't know whether to post this in the "How To" section for other dealers and technicians to see (rofl) He says the next stage is the detail stage. This is where it...
  17. J

    New Calipers at 7,800 Miles!

    Hi all The short story is that discovered one of my rear wheels was overheating. The TPMS warning came on due to excessive tyre pressure on overheated wheel. Mazda recovery came out and car low-loaded to dealer. Dealer waiting for parts as new caliper(s) required. Will be fixed under warranty...
  18. J

    Mazda Toolbox Just Updated To Version 4.3

    As per the above. I don't know what the improvements are (if any) but thought people should know (hi)
  19. J

    Mazda Email Survey on Connected Services

    Hi all Interestingly I have just received and taken part in an email survey by Mazda on the Connected Services functionality and navigation system. Questions included: Would you like a higher res larger screen? How important is Apple Carplay/Android Auto to you? Would you be prepared to pay...
  20. J

    You Think Mazda Maps Are Out Of Date? - Thank The Lord You Don't Drive Nissan

    Just read an article in Auto Express magazine in the UK in the consumer help section. Someone had just bought a Nissan car (can't remember exactly as read the mag in the supermarket)(nailbyt). The car was factory fresh only a couple of months ago and he discovered the Maps were from 2013! The...