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    Caboose 3.0

    Hey guys, Who Am I: For those that don't know me, I'm Ice (Kris) I used to own a Blue BJ SP20 (Protege5). Im a bit of a NA nut, the challenge of getting power NA is what drives me. I'm well aware that boost is cheaper but a good engine shouldn't need copious amounts of boost to make power. An...
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    New Pads

    hey Guys, After last nights run, in need of some new pads. I currently have Hawks HPS pads and there incredibly shit. One run and they were smoking, recommendations please? Should say was looking at EBC reds thoughts? Should have just gone Mazda6 Brakes and then I'd be able to get a half...
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    Ice's N/A Build

    Hey Guys Most of you probably don't know me, I don't really post here that much mainly cause im a N/A person and pretty much everything now a days is turbo talk. Kinda feels like im 4 years late to the party tbh. In any event this thread will be a record of my N/A build, its not going to be...
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    GI: Autoexe Chassis Bracing

    Hey guys, So one of my friends actually has a complete set of these, was wondering if there was any interest in having these copied? Looking at about ~400-460 shipped (thats about best guess I can make atm). Pending on numbers, final quote and how much shipping is to the US (<3 njaremka and...
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    WTB: Focus Ajustable Cam Gears

    As per thread title. Im located in australia so willingness to ship to australia is kinda a must :P
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    Anyone Got Autoexe Header?

    Might be landing myself one in the next few days wondering if anyone actually has one here? I know they get recommended due to them being the best available off shelf.