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  1. Rutedown

    I'm looking for roof rails only

    I'm not needing the crossbars, just the rails for a 2019 CX5. Could you point me in the right direction?
  2. Rutedown

    Wiring for Daytime Light and turn signal

    I got the instructions below to add some DRL’s and turn signals. Can someone show me where to tap into the turn signal? Wire color and location.
  3. Rutedown

    Rear brakes question - ASAP

    Replacing rear rotors and brakes. Did you have to adjust the safety brakes? I put the new rotors on and they're free spinning, no rubbing. When safety brakes pressed it stops completely.
  4. Rutedown

    FS: MS6 TMIC Intercooler

    SOLD - 3.25 ETS TMIC used. Probably the best upgrade I made as far as performance. I bought it for $600. I'm selling it for $400 with a decent chunk of that going to shipping(lower 48 only). Pics are attached.
  5. Rutedown

    Question on brake caliper slider pin

    I replaced the front rotors and brake pads on my 2008 GT. When reinstalling the lower caliper slide pin i noticed the rubber plug on the opposite side began to expand and partially started coming out. My fear is it will come all the way out so i stopped tightening the bolt. Anyone have this...
  6. Rutedown

    MS6 BC Coilovers

    SOLD! Used BC Coilovers. Love the quality, feel and functionality of these and the car stance was great. I paid 1000.00. I'm selling for $600 shipped. Pics are attached.
  7. Rutedown

    Ms6 tmic

    3.25 ETS TMIC used. Probably the best upgrade I made as far as performance. I bought it for $600. I'm selling it for $400 with a decent chunk of that going to shipping. Pics are attached. Attached Thumbnails
  8. Rutedown

    FS - Cobb Inlet and Cobb SF Intake

    SOLD! I want to sale these together. I tried to pull them apart but it's a very tight fit so I rather just sale them together. Together they cost $350, but I'll sale both for $250 shipped within the US(lower 48). I will throw the V-Clamp in as well. I accept PayPal only.
  9. Rutedown

    Fs- ets tmic $435

    Fs- ets tmic $415 Sold my car so I'm slowly but surely selling the mods. Selling my 3.25 ETS TMIC. One of the easiest bolts on and one the biggest performers. I'm asking $415 down from $435 shipped within the US(lower 48).
  10. Rutedown

    Cobb AccessPORT for Mazdaspeed 6

    Cobb AccessPORT for Mazdaspeed 6 - Sold $420 to the lower 48. This is a Cobb AccessPort for an 06-07 Mazdaspeed 6. It served me well and made my Speed6 that much more fun to drive. It has everything that came from Cobb including packaging and the latest software can be downloaded from Cobb's...
  11. Rutedown

    Help with BC Coilover install

    The fronts are done and I'm moving on to the rears. The rears are known to be a pain. For the 3 upper bolts holding the strut could some who have done it share what tool or tools you used to remove them.
  12. Rutedown

    07 vs 08 hp

    Are those 10 extra ponies that noticeable? It is the same engine correct? I'm looking at an 07 for the wife, but just noticed that it was rated at 263hp compared to 273hp for the 08 and 09.
  13. Rutedown

    Windshield Wiper Fluid

    What's a windshield wiper fluid that doesn't leave so much residue. I bought the rain-X fluid and it leaves this sticky residue all down the side of the windshield and sprayed across the top of the roof. The windshield is only clear where the wiper blades clean and everything around it has...
  14. Rutedown

    TurboXS BPV

    How many washers did you guys use if any at all?
  15. Rutedown

    Snow tires will be up for sale in the near future

    It looks like I'll be moving back home to Texas soon. I just bought snow tires(Pirelli 240's) in early part of February which sucks for me because they'll be no good to me down south. So I'm going to have to sale them before I go. I'm hoping to get $525 (will entertain offers) for snow tires...
  16. Rutedown

    TMIC question

    I'm completely stock at the moment. I was thinking of placing my order for the 3.25" TMIC on Monday, but I wanted to ask if it's OK for a stock car? I got a Dashhawk coming Tuesday so I'll be able to monitor certain parameters and I plan on getting the Cobb SRI as soon as it comes out.
  17. Rutedown

    Would I be happy with this combo

    SU Test Pipe 2.5" Cobb MS6 Intake(when it comes out) ETS TMIC Haven't had the car long and I already want more power, but then again even if I had gotten an 06 GTO w/ 400hp I would still be wanting more. I kind of want mods I can easily undue when I visit the dealership, but I also want mods...
  18. Rutedown

    What's up all

    I pick up my 2007 Titanium Silver Speed6 this Saturday. The dealership is waiting on some snow tires. After 3 months of looking I picked this car over a Pontiac GTO, Infinity G35x, Subaru Legacy Spec B, VW Passat, and Audi A4. There were all fun to drive, but there was something about the...