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    change this link

    ok, i have been in forums for a long time. this link is or forum section needs to be the general forum. not lounge or welcome area. i do not have a cx5, but almost got one. love mazdas. still have one.. but as people gather here, it is going to become lost.. make what ever this...
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    TomTom accessory Nav kit (Pictures)....>

    damn you!!!! i just ordered a kuda for my gti.. beers
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    Still waiting for my CX-5

    if it is in the dealer inventory on the mazda website it may or may not be at the dealer. best way to do it is go to the dealers website. if the unit has an actual photo of the car it is in stock, if not it is on the way... beers
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    0.9% 36 months and 2.9% financing dead?

    was never offered on the cx5. and no owner loyalty off money either. new car btw, drove two.. great car.. beers
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    Lowering springs or coilovers?

    no, not really, do you understand how a suspension with a high cg works. beers
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    Cx-5 Wheel Offset

    sharp like tuna i am beers
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    2013 Mazda CX-5 at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (video)

    would be fun to see what i could do with some power. not to slight the video. but if the tires are not making noise the car has not come close to working hard.. beers
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    CX-5 can now be built online at Mazdausa site

    yep, was working with the dealer today.. crap, i would love to get the sport with manual bluetooth and upgrade to a bose. but a sunroof. i would buy a convertible first. i love everything about my mazdaspeed3 except for gas mileage, not the cars fault, i just see gas getting higher and...
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    CX-5 can now be built online at Mazdausa site

    thanks for the heads up on that. it answered a question for me. the bluetooth hd audio upgrade in not available on the sport manual transmission. that is really a bad deal. so that 400 dollar option ends up costing ~ 1800 buck to get the auto to get the option. that might be a deal killer...
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    TomTom accessory Nav kit (Pictures)....>

    guessing it is just a sd card holder? beers
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    New Skyactiv Family!

    funny, i am stuck. i have a 2010 mazdaspeed3, need to move to a more fuel friendly car. have a rx8 track car for fun. well the i has the mileage, but not the features. the s gets the options and same mileage am my speed3. duh. after you get used to keyless, auto air, and good...
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    1450mi Trip Denver to Seattle (2 days)

    i will allow the op to answer this, but this is old wifes tales from the rx8.. 2004 vintage.. it makes no difference.. beers
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    Coming off the boat today!

    really, here? i have been searching mustangs, gtis, and now the cx5 to replace my 10 speed3.. you are killing me. dont know what i am going to end up with, but you have some splanin to do.. thanks for you knowledge base!!!! beers
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    Cx-5 Wheel Offset

    as in most mazdas i would bet it will be in the 45 to 50 range for offset.. cant wait to see what it is.. beers
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    What did you pay for your CX-5?

    ok, really invoice is what the dealers are charged on paper. what dealers really pay for a car is about 1k less.. it is called holdback and lots of other stuff is involved. dont really think in the long run what the actual cost on the car is know. depends on how long it sits on the...