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    Hurricane Isaac progress

    Just wanted to post this to say I hope everyone in the path of Isaac has good shelter and is doing ok. Hopefully the storm passes with minimal damage. My prayers are with anyone currently dealing with this. Anyone in the affected areas, please keep this thread updated.
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    Tornadoes in the DFW area

    Hope everyone is ok, I see it messed up a truckyard and some houses. I know Im not that close, but if there is anything I can do, let me know guys and girls
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    How to stickies

    Got an issue. For the longest time, I have browsed through the how to section to look at things I could do or could possibly be doing in the near future. One of my favorite how to's was the MSP tubular manifold install guide that Pirahna made a while back. Not too long ago, I was able to view...
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    FS: Corksport 2.4 in J pipe

    Just so everyone knows, a buyer(Maiello169) is already in line for this part. Im just posting this thread to follow forum rules before a transaction is started, thanks. I have a Corksport 2.4 in J pipe that I have had laying around for probably about a year. I bought it off of another forum...
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    MAM manifold install

    Ok, so Im in the middle of taking the stock exhaust manifold off. The only thing holding me up right now is this little bracket that holds the three lines going to the turbo. It has a screw holding that bracket and you need an allen key to take the screw out. My problem is the screw head is...
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    Military personnel and government employees, what do you think about the pay issue?

    well, let's hear it. Im currently on my second deployment to Iraq right now and I have a wonderful wife and 6 month old son waiting for me back at home right now. Im over here getting minimal sleep and dodging rockets and mortars every night so my loved ones can live comfortably at home. What...
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    Spotted in SC

    Spotted a titanium MS6 on I-20 going east, blew off a few times next to their window before speeding off. Anyone on here???
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    Pocket Dyno app for iPhone

    Just curious if anyone has ever used this app and has any feedback on it. I have heard of several phone apps like this for different phones but never really believed they were accurate. If anyone has used this app before, post your reviews here.
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    need help asap!! water pump

    Ok, I am replacing my water pump and so far I have removed 5 bolts from the pump. As far as I know, there are only 5 bolts that hold the pump onto the block. But for some reason, I can't get the pump to come off at all. Is it just suction from the pump that is holding it on or am I missing...
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    Car's overheating and I don't know why...

    ok, my car started leaking coolant recently and I found out my water return elbow was leaking. So, I drained the system and replaced the elbow. Started the car and filled with coolant as needed with the heat on full blast. After I topped off the radiator and the overflow, I let the car run with...
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    For those with the AEM UEGO

    How did you guys route the harness through the firewall? Everything else is a piece of cake but I just want to know how everyone else routed theirs with that huge connector, I wouldn't think it would be possible to go through the firewall.
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    For those with the JDM cams...

    I am ready to install my cams and I was curious, do I really have to remove all the pullies, water pump, power steering and belts? Could I swap the cams without removing all of that?..after everything is lined up of course...
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    Attention all Ohio members!!!!

    Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMpVgHf8Qdk&feature=related
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    WTT: 12" Alpine Type R sub

    Ok here we go, I have a 12" Alpine Type R sub that I have had laying around for about a week now. But, I have lost interest in putting it in my car now. Is there anyone on here that would be willing to do an even trade? or trade + cash? Items I am looking to trade for: Corksport S pipe AEM...
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    What just happened??

    So, Im sitting at a Wendy's Drive thru waiting for a delicious Baconator when all of a sudden..MY CAR JUST SHUTS OFF AND THE TEMP GAUGE STARTS SLOWLY RISING!!! I know the car has a random dip while idling sometimes but this time the car showed no intention in catching itself before cutting off...
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    WTB: Corksport S pipe(old 2 piece version)

    I know a couple of them just recently sold...and of course they sell right after I have the money for one. If anyone knows anyone with a CS s pipe from the older 2 piece design, please let me know.
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    DDM Tuning HIDs

    Ok, I installed my HID kit and for some reason they won't turn on with low beams. I have switched the wires and everything and they won't turn on. But if I keep it on high beams, they work just fine but why won't they work on low beams. I have searched the entire DDM Tuning thread but didn't...
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    anyone have pics of SSAFC wiring?

    I have my SSAFC now and I also have a copy of the instructions and the wiring diagram from the AFC map thread. But, I would like to know if anyone has pics of how they connected the wires to the ECU harness?
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    Wtb: Aem uego

    I am looking for a used AEM UEGO in good condition. let me know what you got. I don't have a lot cash on me so maybe a trade+cash depending on prices. Thanks in advance!!
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    Pro Studio Home Speakers for you audio enthusiasts!!!

    I have a set of Pro Studio speakers up for sale. Four 15" subs, two on each enclosure. Enclosure has a woodgrain front and is in excellent condition. Some of the edges have a few scratches from moving from state to state but no other damage. Speakers are in great condition and play strong. These...