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    Did Anyone Get A Tie Down Hook?

    I was checking the tire pressure in my spare this morning and noticed that there is a cutout in the styrofoam panel forward of the spare for one of those eyelet type tie down hooks or tow hooks but the tool was missing. They are supposed to thread into the hole under the plastic covers on the...
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    Has Anyone Found Appropriate Chains for 19" Wheels & Tires Yet ?

    The highway from my mountain community had chain requirements due to snow a couple of days ago. The California Highway Patrol says chains, or 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles are allowed if they have "snow tires", My 2019 GT-R has 19" wheels with Toyo A36 tires which are stamped M+S...
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    Driving In Snow With AWD

    I have had some experience with driving is snow but it was city driving on the flatlands of Virginia Beach. I now live in the Sou Cal mountains and on a fairly steep street. Yesterday I watched my neighbor with a Ford SUV that was front wheel drive only fail to get moving on the street in front...
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    Mazda Moly Oil in 5W-30: Does It Even Exist ?

    I have not been able to find Mazda Moly oil in 5W-30 weight for my CX 5 turbo. The only thing I can find is the 0W-20 weight or the Mazda branded 5W-30 "Super Premium" which I don't even know what it is. Doesn't say it contains Moly on the label, and I assume it is just a good quality synthetic...
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    Has Anyone Installed a Switch To Control The DRL's ?

    I'm not a fan of DRL's and have read the thread regarding the method to disable them. However, I would like to install a rocker switch somewhere on the dash that would allow them to be turned on or off at will regardless of the status of the headlights or fog lights. Has anyone done this and can...