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    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Just installed some brand new Weathertech floor mats for the front. Really like the quality and fit.
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    Who else loves their CX-5?

    After 19 month's of ownership still love my CX5, just missing the extra zoomzoom from the 2.5.
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    Play in rear-view mirror?

    I know what you mean's about the "Mazdaspeedforum". I was there for 4 year's and you do need to have a thick skin over there.
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    Those Taking Delivery of 2014 CX-5 w/ 2.5L Power Plant

    There is no such thing as a turbo on a 2.5 CX7, you are probably referring to the 2.3turbo, the same i had on my previous Speed3. Or the plain 2.5 they put on late model CX7.
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    too many of them

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    AC smell, any success solution?

    What i do is when i get close from my destination i turn they A/C off and crank up the fan to dry all the air conduct. It seem's to work since i dont have any bad odour.
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    CX-5 Offroad ! Russia !

    Is right ^^ The new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk might be another alternatives. http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2014-jeep-cherokee-trailhawk-v-6-4x4-first-drive-review
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    Can't get comfortable!!

    I went around all the setting so many time the last 1 1/2 year. Every time my gf use my ride i need 2,3 day's to get comfortable again. I am only 5,7" wich probably doesn't help either but in my previous Speed3, i never had this kind of problem.
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    too many of them

    I will like to see the sales number here in Qubec, i come accross more CX5 than Escape and CRV here. Went to a familly reunion yesterday just too find out that my cousin just got a 2014 white GT. At the last familly reunion she ask me about my purchase and 3 month's later she got her's.
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    Nah dont bother Redline, I had small 17" grey wheel, now i have small 17" matte black wheel. He is right in some way, the 17" wheel set-up do look a little small but i prefered it in black. Anyway i didnt do it for other i did it for me and i like it like that.
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    I cannot find what's wrong :( Ok i re-link one of the pic's.
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    Okay received my plastidip cans yesterday and doing my rims this afternoon. I will post some pics when im done.
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    Why does every dealer insist on Diesel

    So going 10% over speed limit will get you a fine?
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    So the 2 cans i ordered wont be enough, i guess i should ordered 2 more cans right away. Thank's shinjyo.
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    plastidip rims and painted calipers

    How many can did you need for the rims? I have met gray CX5 too, i just ordered 2 cans last week, i hope that it will be enough.
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    How much are you paying for synthetic oil change?

    59.00$ CAD for synthetic oil at every 8000km.
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    Why does every dealer insist on Diesel

    I know all of those exceptions but it is what it is, exceptions. Most of the time USA dictated what we have here. But you are right there is a few exceptions. Comme tu dit "voila"..... For example the new merc Class "A" would probably be a hit here in Qubec but Mercedes said no no to the Class...
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    Why does every dealer insist on Diesel

    Actually us Canadians consumer dont dictated anything in terms of model or demands. If USA does not want a model we just simply wont get it. 30 millions consumer versus 300 millions. The problem is that in US diesel is more expensive than gas compared to here being almost on par. A lot of...
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    Tranny died on me during uphill.

    Thx i will check that out.