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    Adding/Editing Maps

    I’d also rather they used Garmin instead of Tom Tom, but it is what it is.
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    Has Mazda changed their mind and included the NAV System on the 2020 GT and Reserve?

    But Nav isn’t in the feature summary for the GT or Reserve. I’m not sure that I’d make the leap of logic that because it no longer appears as an accessor, that means it must be included. Given that 2020 GTs and Reserves have been sold without Nav, I don’t see them suddenly including it, at...
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    2016 DRL lawsuit

    That’s right, you had to have the Tech package on the GT. Standard GTs didn’t have it
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    Are you waiting for a third-generation CX-5?

    Unless they come out with a hybrid, or somehow get better gas mileage, my 2019 will be my last CX-5.
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    2020 Mazda CX-5 suspensión problem

    That’s exactly what it is. They just want to get your butt out the door, so they mostly just run it through the wash and clean it up and don’t bother with most of the mechanical checks.
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    Anyone bought/used a Car Cover?

    I used a car cover for a while back in the late 80s after getting to Florida, and got tired of either having to take the cover off in the middle of a rainstorm, or after a rainstorm, and having to throw the wet and now heavy cover in the back for the drive home. Then you need to put the wet...
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    Radar cruise control - slow down and lurch ahead

    Don’t have your foot on the accelerator.
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    Help me identify this warning light!

    What model is it? It looks like a display for the parking sensors, and there is an obstruction at the left front of the vehicle.
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    Squealing brakes on 2019 GTR

    Car has 7K miles on it, 6 months old. Dealer checked pads and they are are not worn, and I’m sure it’s not a wear problem. Problem is obviously related to brakes being cold, or cooling down after driving as it disappears after the brakes warm up after a few applications. When I drive slowly...
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    Squealing brakes on 2019 GTR

    Anyone have this problem? The brakes on my 2019 GTR squeal loudly when brakes are applied for the first three or four stops every time. After that, they seem to warm up and the noise stops. After stopping for an hour or so, they cool down and then it starts again the next time I start...
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    2020 Jan map available...

    The free updates are time based, not number of updates based. You aren’t “saving” anything by not updating. Once the 3 years runs out, you’re done, whether you’ve ever updated or not.
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    How low do you go

    Same for me. Always have, no matter what car I’ve had.
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    General consensus on the white color for the CX5

    I have a white 2019 GTR after my previous blue 2016 GT, and don’t think it’s a feminine color. In Florida, white is a pretty popular color because of the heat and sun. I’m not that keen on the Mazda pearlescent white, though. I’d rather have a standard white paint.
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    2020 Jan map available...

    Yes to both.
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    New CX5 Owner - Questions

    How old is that CX-5? Even my 2016 CX-5 GT had a camera similar to what you show for the CX-9 with the same red/yellow ladder grid line.
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    Mazda should offer 5 years free map update...

    They’ve been doing 3 years for quite a while. Very doubtful they will up to 5 years just because Honda does, especially as they seen to be dropping Nav from everything except the Sig. They probably assume that everyone is going to use CarPlay/Android Auto, so there is no value in going to 5...
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    2020 Jan map available...

    The maps will continue to work. You'll just stop getting free updates.
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    New CX5 Owner - Questions

    I think the camera works fine in daylight and dry conditions. I don’t need 4K to avoid hitting something when backing up. What I really dislike is that water droplets collect on the lens when it’s wet out, making the camera almost useless. I’ve had other vehicles with backup cameras before...
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    Seat Back, Heated Or ventilated

    Haven’t tried the heat, but the backs are definitely ventilated in addition to the seat bottoms in my Reserve.
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    Apple Map, Waze or Google Maps on HUD

    Not Possible with the current software.