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    Updated dash speakers

    I popped in a set of Polk db351's in the dash this afternoon. Pretty easy job once I gave up on trying to find a speaker adapter so I wouldn't have to cut the plug off the end of the Mazda harness. No luck on that. I hit several car stereo installation places and found nothing. Most of the...
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    2013~2016 103k miles - shocks and struts replacement

    Shocks are funny, they wear out slowly and the average driver doesn't notice the degradation till they totally fail. Now you might be happy with how the car currently drives, but if you got in a new car (or replaced the shocks) you'd notice the difference.
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    Mazda OEM vs Value brake padsa

    So after a lot of googling I found that the brake pad part number ending in MV denote Mazda Value pads. I decided to go with the supposedly better OEM pads via mazdaswag.com
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    Mazda OEM vs Value brake padsa

    Stopped by the dealer today to get some front brake pads. He told me he had Mazda OEM pads for $100 and value pads for $70. Claimed they were both from Mazda. I wasn't expecting that so I passed till I got some more info. Anybody else run across this? My searches for pads on mazda dealer parts...
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    Mazda OEM vs Value brake pads

    sorry, wrong forum
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    Morimoto H11 HID

    Any angry flashing from oncoming motorists with the LED? Against most recommendations ("the reflector isn't designed for it") I installed a HID on my motorcycle. I got more, whiter light and still nobody flashes me.
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    fog light to driving light conversion

    Has anybody converted he stock fog lights to driving lights? The current fog lights seem to be more decorative than useful. Driving lights in conjunction with high beams would see more use in my instance.