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    So long, it’s been great

    It been a great 4 years and I still love the CX-5 but I traded my 16 GT for a 2020 Audi Q3. Going to miss This group
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    Has anyone bought a CX-30 yet?

    Just wondering. Has anyone actually bought one yet ?
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    Spiffy mobile car wash service

    Im not going to be able to hand wash my car for a while. Anyone used the spiffy car wash service ? Opinions ?
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    Battery going ?

    2016 GT with tech package 39000 miles Symptoms Early morning coldest part of day temp mid forties I go to start car, hit the button and it hesitates about a second, then starts but with all dashboard warning lights on and or flashing. I immediately shut down , wait about ten seconds, then...
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    WAZE and apple CarPlay question

    Must admit, WAZE has never been my favorite navigation app. But today I thought Id try it again. I immediately noticed: A much improved display and at top right of screen where it used to just display speed. Limit theres now a circle showing the actual speed you are going which turns pink as you...
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    Creak/groan liftgate

    Have developed a annoying creak/groan from right side of liftgate when opening/closing. Any suggestions as to where to lube and what type of lube to use ?
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    Michelin Premier LTX

    Just put a new set of Michelin Premier LTX on my 2016 CX-5 GT. Have about 800 miles on them so far and Im very pleased so far, especially with the reduction in roadnoise. Little concerned about the 8.5/32 tread depth so I plan on checking tread depth on a monthly basis and plotting wear in a...
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    Chipped Windshield

    Well, first boo boo in 2-1/2 years to my 16 CX-5 today. Rock off a gravel truck put two tiny tiny chips in my windshield about 1/4" apart.Question, they do not really bother me but even as small as they are should I go ahead and try and get it repaired??????
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    Touch up paint for wheels

    2016 CX-5 GT with the 19 wheels. While washing her today discovered tyre dealer took a nice chip out of wheel. Anyone know where I can get some touch up paint for dark, charcoal part of wheel?
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    Tear in Vinyl

    Got a small tear in the Vinyl on the Drivers Knee Pad on side of console. Anyone know of a way to repair???? Or is that piece replaceable ????? 2016 CX-5 GT
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    Special Service Program A6

    Just got in Mail. 2015-2016 CX-5 Passenger Frontal Air Bag Concern Frontal oblique crash test Fabric of the passenger frontal air bag may be torn during deployment of the air bag Well, at least its a software fix and should take only 30 minutes. Still waiting for the parts for rear hatch...
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    Gracenote Question

    Help trying to install the sept 2016 gracenote update. How long should it take?? I go to system, music database install select version 7.0. Progress bar gets halfway across screen and then just freezes. Any ideas ? Also screen shows message system not fully avaliable Never mind. Wasn't...
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    2016 CX-5. Put my SD card in my Computer to check and see if any new map updates. When I ran Mazda Toolbox got message New Version of Toolbox is Avaliable I need to download and install before continuing. I did so, Ran toolbox and got another message, You are now eligible to download Mapcare...
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    Pandora problems

    Have had a bunch of issues with the pandora app in my CX 5 since new. Constantly dropping BT. However no issue at all with aha or stitcher. Here's mazdas response. Terry, Thank you for contacting the Mazda Hands Free Support. We apologize that you're experiencing issues with the Pandora...
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    Back up sensors

    Thought this was sorta cool. Wonder how well it works? https://fensens.com/?ref=producthunt
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    iPhone Connectiveity

    Took my CX-5 to dealer today for 5000 mile service and while it was there asked them to update software to latest 55 753 version (Presently 55 750. They said I might as well wait because Mazda was getting ready to release a new version to address IPhone issues. Anyone know if this is true ???????
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    Another recall ?

    http://www.edmunds.com/car-news/2016-mazda-cx-3-among-vehicles-recalled-for-steering-problem.html Saw this in the cx3 forum. Anyone know anything about this ?
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    Total traffic application

    Ok, I know it's not that great but it did provide some real time traffic info for major highways in my area. Now no map shows up, just the border and words saying updated so many minutes ago. The map portion of the screen is blank. All other applications and infotainment features work perfectly...
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    Creaky Lumbar Support Adjustment

    Making a terrible creaking noise from lower right side of drivers seat. Only way to stop it is to run lumbar adjustment to max which is very uncomfortable. Anyone else have this issue ????? Anyone know how to fix it ??? An yes I've made a appointment for the dealer to take a look at it.
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    Pandora Issue Fixed ??

    Pandora has not worked well in my CX-5 GT since I bought it in November, constantly dropping the BT connection. Weird thing is AHA and Stitcher work perfectly. Well I just updated to IOS 9.3 on my Iphone 6s and at same time Pandora issued a bug update to their app. Not sure which of these or...