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    magnumP5's SA Log Thread

    I purchased this clean 1979 RX-7 GS from a gentleman in Nebraska and had it shipped to me in Virginia earlier this month. I finally got it running correctly and cleaned up so it's time to start a thread. According to the VIN this is S/N 2944 and it was built in March 1978. It currently has...
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    2-1/6" (52 mm) Marshall Instruments SCX Gauges - SOLD

    2-1/6" (52 mm) Marshall Instruments SCX Gauges I'm selling three (3) Marshall Instruments SCX gauges: oil temperature, oil pressure, and water temperature. The full gauge details can be found here: http://www.marshallinstruments.com/catalog/scx_black.cfm. Here's a quick summary: Brand...
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    Lighter = Faster (RX-7 Build #2)

    For information regarding my previous build see here. Picture log from previous build here. Picture log for this build forward here. Picked up a pretty clean '86 Base model RX-7 yesterday. Quick photo while stopped to refuel: Moved into storage for the time being: This build will...
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    Honeymoon over?

    I'm sorry to report I'm becoming a bit disechanted with my 2. Maybe something is wrong with mine or maybe I'm starting to notice flaws I didn't before. I think I can narrow my gripes down to two catagories: driving with the A/C on, and the throttle/clutch. 1. I bought my 2 late last September...
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    Welding Thread

    A 60 second search didn't yield anything in the past six years so I'll start. I don't even know if this is right location but it didn't seem to fit anywhere else. I want to leave this thread open to any and all welding comments, questions, advice, criticisms, etc. MIG, TIG, stick doesn't matter...
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    Yet another new owner...

    Hi there, new 2 (Touring, MT) owner here, but not new to the forums or Mazda by any means. I needed to get out of the habit of driving my Tacoma around town so I started looking at B-segment cars. I liked the Fiesta Hatch at first but cost and lead time killed it for me. Same for the Fit and...
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    Let's talk car (hauling) trailers

    Even though my RX-7 is perfectly streetable (and legal) an unfortunate event at Mid-Ohio last weekend nearly got me stranded 2.5 hours away from home on a Sunday and I'm considering an open car hauler for track weekends. For towing I have a '09 Toyota Tacoma with the V6, but it doesn't have...
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    WTB: Stock Protege Intake

    My wife and I are considering selling her '01 Protege LX so it's time to fix some things. I'm looking for the stock intake piece that lays over top of the radiator that connects to the stock air box. Please do not offer anything broken, missing tabs, etc. as that is what I am trying to...
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    GI: Sparco Torino II Seats (2)

    I'm gauging interest for my two (2) Sparco Torino II seats. I'm having some difficulty getting them to fit how I want into my RX-7 and I'm considering switching to a fixed-back seat like the Sparco EVO or Recaro Pole Position. I have both the seat and Sparco sliders. The seats retail at $600...
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    WTB: TII Shortblock and Misc Parts

    This is a longshot I know, but I'm looking for a TII shortblock. S4 or S5, I really don't care. I actually don't want any of the turbo parts as I'm looking to do a 4-port N/A build. I really just want the rotor housings and intermediate plates. I'd actually prefer an S4 "block", but I'd also...
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    WTB: Protege Taillight

    Someone backed into my wife's Protege and destroyed the driver's side taillight so needless to say I'm looking for one. I'd prefer to be able to purchase just the one, but I'd consider buying a set if the condition is right. I'd also prefer regular sedan taillights, not the MSP lights with the...
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    FS: AEM Digital Gauges

    I've decided to sell my AEM gauges. I have the UEGO wideband air/fuel ratio, oil pressure and oil temperature gauges. The wideband was purchased new in Dec. '06/Jan. '07. I still have everything included in the original kit except the white Lambda face and the O2 sensor bung (for obvious...
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    Miata Torsen LSD?

    So after realizing I can't drop the torsen LSD from a FD into my 89 GXL I did some searching and it would appear there is a direct swap for a torsen unit out of a Miata into the N/A RX-7 rear end. I assume some of you know what year Miatas had this LSD? Any idea where I could find one, prices?
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    1.6L Exhaust Question

    So, old Protege5 owner here so I'm well versed in the 2.0L engine, but not so much in the 1.6L. My wife has a '01 LX with the 1.6L and the midpipe has sheared off right behind the main catalytic converter. I'd rather replace the pipe with a used one instead of having this re-welded but I've...
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    WTB: Stock Protege Midpipe

    The midpipe on my wife's '01 Protege LX has sheared in half for some reason and I refuse to pay ~$650 for the new one. I know a lot of you guys have swapped to aftermarket catted pipes (I was one of you) so who has a stock midpipe lying around they'd like to get rid of? The only constraints...
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    FS: Adjustable Cams Gears, P5 Front Bumper Support, Etc.

    Here are the last items I have remains from the Protege5: Adjustable Cam Gears for 2.0L - SOLD TO BLKWIDOW (WILLKILL) MP3/P5/MSP Front Bumper Support - SOLD TO IAN_MP4 Spark Plug Wires for 2.0L - $25 shipped I had the Magnecor wires on the P5 for a while and I wanted to test whether they...
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    magnumP5's RX-7 Build Thread

    **ENGINE PULLED 4/24/11 See posts 334 and 338** **All pictures of progress can be found here** Now that I officially have my RX-7 I guess it's time to start one of these. I always regret not having a build thread for my old P5... Background first. The car is a 1989 Mazda RX-7 GXL in blaze...
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    F/S" Enkei RPF1 Wheels w/ Kumho Tires

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    Wtb: '86-'91 Rx-7

    Hey, it's a long shot but I figure I might as well post here. I'm looking for an FC RX-7 ('86-'91). My preferemce would be an S5 ('89-'91) coupe but I would consider a convertible. Must be manual transmission! Can either be N/A or TII. I am mainly looking for unmolested cars that are in...
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    FS: Turbocharged '02 Protege5

    PENDING TO DSTMSP03 That being said, I am looking to pick up an older RX7. I do not particularly want to sell my P5 but I do not need three cars to myself. I figured I would place is for sale here before attemping other means. The car is a 2002 Mazda Protege5 with 71,098 miles on it (VIN...