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    2016~2020 How to swap Touring headlights to Grand Touring on 2016+ Mazda CX-9, CX-5 & CX-3

    This is really great! Thanks for posting the details. Couple of questions: 1. How much did the lights cost you and where did you buy them? 2. Have you made any progress on getting the adaptive lighting to work?
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    Replacing touch screen due to defect

    I've got a little bit in the top left corner, but don't plan on doing anything about it until closer to the warranty expiration because it hasn't affected the ability to touch the buttons up there. Also, I use the AIO tweaks to get AA, so I'm a little hesitant to bring it in, just in case the...
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    Anyone got a lotta free time on their hands?

    Any update on the Body-Accessory section?
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    Anyone got a lotta free time on their hands?

    I briefly scanned through each of the files so far, and everything looks good. I had to rotate one page in each of the four Fuse Box files, but that's it. Thank you, Pele! Looking forward to the Body-Accessory pages!
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    Anyone got a lotta free time on their hands?

    I'd love to help out too. I'll PM you my email address
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    Why would I want Android Auto?

    What's so great about what? AA? Please refer to the first part of my comment that you quoted. I gave my reasons there
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    Why would I want Android Auto?

    Waze, better voice control (including Google Assistant), and playing/controlling music stored on my phone via Google Play Music. Edit: I'm currently using Android Auto via AIO, and also use it in my F-150 (built-in to the factory system). After having used AA for almost a year now, it would...
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    Rear Trunk Pocket Lids

    Try calling nearby junk yards to see if they have any wrecked CX-9s.
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    rschip tune (anyone?)

    Looks Russian-made, and I'm not plugging anything like that into my car. [emoji1] [emoji631] Orange Virus has one for the 2.5T on their website, but I haven't seen anyone who's installed it.
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    Engine Oil Light On & Off when restarts

    You may want to also check for any signs of leaking, because the oil level should not get so low that it trips the sensor in between regular oil changes. The reason the light would turn off and on is likely due to the oil level changing as the car warms up and also as you drive (making the oil...
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    Engine Oil Light On & Off when restarts

    Did you check the oil level?
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    Cx-9 2018 mrcc ic asbuilt

    I would try finding the VIN of one that has that feature, and using that to download the as built values from the Ford site. I would check a dealer's website for one, since they always display the VINs of their inventory. Edit: from what I could tell last time I checked forscan, the CX-9...
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    Forscan programming?

    Has anyone done any Forscan programming on their CX-9? I've backed up the as-built data but haven't tweaked anything yet. So far, there are two things I'm interested in doing, if possible: 1. Increase the lane change blinker duration to 4 blinks (like I did on my F-150). I feel that 3 blinks...
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    2016 CX-9 Heater... weak?

    My 2016 seems to be working fine. I turn it to max until it warms up, but then have to turn it back down to about 70 or else it gets too hot and stuffy
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    2016 cx-9 muffler performance exhaust ideas

    Corksport is working on an exhaust system. They posted a teaser photo on the CX-9 USA Facebook group. They also asked what aftermarket parts CX-9 drivers want to see. I've pasted a link to the photo below. Hopefully it works...
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    truck light?

    He's talking about on the inside of the lift gate itself. It's on the driver's side. The rocker switch is right next to the clear plastic lens cover. Edit: in other words, if you open the lift gate and stand underneath it on the driver's side, the light would be above your head.
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    how to pair the garage door opener under the center rear mirror?

    I had to use the instructions on HomeLink's website because my garage door opener had a specific procedure to that manufacturer.
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    2018 CX-9 Touring Premium vs GT?

    We chose the '16 Touring with Premium for the same basic reasons you describe. The extras on the GT were nice, but not must haves, and the Premium package seemed to be a good compromise between the two.
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    MY18 CX9 Touring AWD (Australian version)

    My wife's iPhone 6 charges from the front ports just fine, albeit more slowly than a "normal" charger because it doesn't put out 2.1 amps.
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    Have You Tried the AIO Tweaks?

    If you're taking about the bug where calls would automatically reroute back to the handset, yes. That was fixed in 1.02. I believe it's up to 1.05 now.