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  1. Riot_Polizei

    Protege FS: Various P5 Parts

    My P5 was recently totaled, so the few parts I have left are here to sell! PART PRICE (ALL ARE OBO, SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED) Valve Cover (painted with high-temp paint) $40 Intake Manifold Upper-Half (missing VICS valves) $25 Intake Manifold Upper-Half (has all VICS/VTCS valves)...
  2. Riot_Polizei

    Rear Subframe Swaybar Weldnut Threads?

    Howdy fellas, Do any of you know the thread size of the rear subframe's swaybar bolts? I'm just about to the point where I can drop the money to end my swaybar fiasco once and for all. Just one thing...I lost my detached weldnuts, and I have no clue which bolts in my box o' P5 shit are the...
  3. Riot_Polizei

    ABS Research, Mazdaspeed LSD Compatibility

    Hello guys, Lately, I've been looking into some wiring and set-up differences between a Protege5's open differenatial speedometer-gear transmission and a Mazdaspeed Protege's LSD ABS speed-sensor transmission. Ultimately, I'm trying to see if it's possible to retain the speedometer's...
  4. Riot_Polizei

    What could this noise be?

    Hey guys, my car developed an incredibly irritating high-pitched frequency at closed throttle: Granted, acoustics are hard to make out in an engine bay, but it sounds like it could be coming from the throttle body(?) or somewhere around it. It doesn't sound like a typical exhaust leak, but...
  5. Riot_Polizei

    Sanity Check for P0171

    Hello guys, as stated, this is a bit of a sanity check. Should I expect P0171 (system too lean) to come on more often if I have a cold air intake installed on the car? If so, I probably shouldn't be too concerned, but am still investigating other causes.
  6. Riot_Polizei

    [Protege5] WTB CR3 Swaybar Relocation Brackets

    I have no clue when CR3 Motorsports will begin manufacturing these (they're currently making a waitlist), but I'm going to need some soon. I broke my AWR brackets, so I'm looking for a better-suited replacement.
  7. Riot_Polizei

    Tokico Illumina availability -- what gives?

    Racing Beat has one set of illuminas in stock, and to be expected, they're bloody expensive. Perhaps about 800+ bucks (+shipping) for a full set, and that's not including their springs, which would put your total above 1000 bucks, which could be better spent on coilovers. So, I wondered if I...
  8. Riot_Polizei

    Stupid question about exhaust

    I received my headers, put them in, and found two new exhaust leaks. One's on my RB catback exhaust system between the resonator and muffler connection. The second's at the header and midpipe connection (donut gasket). The bolts are tightened as far as they could be on the header/midpipe...
  9. Riot_Polizei

    Protege5 Foglights

    Hello fellas, After removing these and replacing them with the sleek foglight deletes, they've been sitting and taking up space. Each foglight features little chips from rocks and debris, with one featuring a hairline crack (not delicate or loose). There's a small bit of overspray on them...
  10. Riot_Polizei

    Question for folks who installed an UDP/Lightweight Crank Pulley

    It's been quite a few years since some of you began modifying your cars. I've been scanning through some of the old posts on here in regards to mods I'm interested in, and it seems like coupling a UDP/Lightweight CS Pulley with the OBX header is a good idea. Thing is, UDPs concern me a bit...
  11. Riot_Polizei

    I plan on buying new wheels/tires; looking for a second opinion

    Hello again folks, I'm in no real hurry, as I'm still doing research. For whenever I buy new tires and wheels, I plan on going with different dimensions. This is mostly for time attack, so that I don't burn up my all seasons anymore than I already have. Plus, I want to spruce up the look of my...
  12. Riot_Polizei

    Best exhaust hangers to stop the rear bumper banging?

    Hey folks, When I replaced my exhaust system with the Racing Beat catback, I noticed that my original hangers were really badly worn out and cracked. So, I just went and got some "universal fit" ones from autozone. Well, it's been some time since then, and I can't really put up with it much...
  13. Riot_Polizei

    WTB: Mazda Protege5/MP3/MSP Foglight Delete Covers

    Been meaning to get some of these lately. I've a CAI now, and I feel that it would work well with those foglight delete covers. Plus, gives me more variables to test. If anyone has some, shoot me a message or reply!
  14. Riot_Polizei

    !! HELP !! Botched OBX short shifter install, need help ASAP!

    Problem now solved! Thank you! (As of 5/30 @ 8:30) _____________________________________________ Fuck! When I went to reassemble the shifter, it just slid right through down to the heat shield and has no grab! I realized that I did not take note of how it was assembled. I searched for guides...
  15. Riot_Polizei

    Question about AWR (Not sure if this is right subforum to post)

    So, I'll cut right to the chase. Does AWR normally take an extreme amount of time to ship products? I placed an order on April 7th for some swaybar bushings and a pair of brackets, and that order has sat in "awaiting shipment" mode for at least three-quarters the time between then and now. I...
  16. Riot_Polizei

    On Porting + Polishing Intake Manifold...Am I Missing Something?

    I've been reading up on the VTCS removal, and the accompanied porting and polishing of the runners. It seems like a cool weekend project once I pick up a spare intake manifold, and I can't wait to try it! There's just one thing that's bothering me about it. In the guide most commonly linked...
  17. Riot_Polizei

    How big/expensive of a welding job is this?

    Nevermind...the posting disappeared. Damn. In my area, I came across a pretty rare find for the Protege on craigslist. Someone is selling a used Wagner shorty header for 20 bucks. Sweet, right? Well, the seller details that the paint is flaking off (it really shows), and that the collector...
  18. Riot_Polizei

    I feel dumb asking this question, but here goes...

    One of my coworkers says some very outlandish "car performance facts" that I've doubted heavily. If I ever provide a counterpoint, he always says the same annoying shit. "Well dude, I've been racing for years and that's what worked for me"...argh. He's never proven that he ever raced to begin...
  19. Riot_Polizei

    Racing Beat Rear Swaybar Questions

    Hey guys, I need to get a few things cleared up before I empty my wallet. I did search for some definitive answers, but didn't get any. I know that the RB rear swaybar will not fit a P5 on stock endlinks, and as a result, you have to buy adjustable/ES endlinks (the non-"sport suspension"...
  20. Riot_Polizei

    High Flow Cat + Racing Beat Catback Exhaust Question

    Hi folks, So I'm wrapping up some basic maintenance on my vehicle, and I've decided that it's time to dedicate some cash for the Racing Beat catback exhaust. Similarly, my cat is also starting to go out, so why not get a more balanced exhaust velocty / scavenging sweet spot if possible? I'm...