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    Wtb: Mp3 or msp steering wheel

    I am looking for the 2001 MP3 OR MSP Steering Wheel!!
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    MSP Front & Rear Lip, MSP ECU, MS6 Calipers, and other parts.......

    Hello, I am selling a few parts that I had in Storage which I will no longer need as I am also selling my MSP. I have a ton of other parts but will sell them once this batch of parts sells. If you are in any way or form interested in these parts, please feel free to write so on the post and...
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    P5 leather seats, tein s. Tech lowering springs, and few other parts.

    Asking $125 USD OBO for lowering springs. Buyer pays shipping as the box is heavy. SOLD!! P5 leather seats, local pick up only. $250 OBO. SOLD! Make offer on various parts that include the "O-Shit bars", the valve cover, part of the OEM air filter parts. SOLD!! Mazdaspeed valve cover...
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    GlowShift gauges (used)

    Hello members, I have recently upgraded my gauges in the car and I'm selling these two Glowshift gauges(1 Boost/Vacuum, 1 Volt). They are used but in great condition. They are 7 color changeable and look great. I am trying to sell as a pair but can sell individually. Asking $75 for both as a...
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    MSP Injen Cold Air Intake system

    Hey guys, so I bought this authentic Injen cold air intake from a member not too long ago but after polishing it, getting a few things new for it, and trying it on. I decided to go with a different set-up placing the air intake higher and probably a smart move since it always rain and it...
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    Wtb * msp ecu *

    I am looking for a good 2003.5 MSP ECU.
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    P5 Roof Rack

    I have roof racks off of a P5 for sale. I purchased it last year when I was hunting to buy a P5 but that never happened as it was difficult to find one in good shape. The roof racks were stored away in my shed for over a year now. I hae no use of it as I do not own a P5. I am selling for the...
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    3rd gen Protege Family (MSP, MP3, PRO5)

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Hey guys, here is the final product with the gauges in place. Will be installing these soon in the car but until then, I wanted you guys to see what it would look like all done and with the gauges put in. This is for those of you who were interested and...
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    Wtb ssafc

    Hello guys, I am looking to buy the Split Second Air Fuel Controller with Datalogging. Please pm me if you have one with price and shipping. Thanks for looking!
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    Wtb msp front lip

    Hey guys, I am looking for the 2003.5 MSP Front Lip. Would prefer with fog deletes but if you don't have the fog deletes for the lip, its fine also. Please pm me and provide pics along with price shipped to 33404. Thank you for taking the time to view the post.
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    Msp misfiring, overheating, etc. Help!

    Hey guys, I own an MP3 naturally aspirated engine for years now and have never had any problems. Now, I have just purchased another Mazda to my car collection but this time an 03 MSP with several problems. I'll really appreciate your inputs and help. At the time before buying the car, the...
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    Help! 03 MSP

    Hey guys, I am having a few problems with my 2003 MSP that I just purchased. So, the car had the check engine light on. I took care of everything on there which the car was misfiring and other codes came up. Did the spark plugs, coil packs, the spark plug cables, coolant temp sensor...
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    Wtb MSP/MP3/Protege parts Hello, I am looking to buy needed parts for my recently purchased MSP. I am looking for the following parts shipped to 33404. The order will be from most needed to least needed: 1. Coolant reservoir (don't need, have one already) ✔ 2. Passenger side automatic...
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    FS: New Headlight Projectors

    Here I have a pair of NEW Retro Fit HEADLIGHT PROJECTORS for a MAZDA PROTEGE (2001-2003). These were made for my car a few months ago aside of another set I had made. They have been sitting in my closet and decided to sell them off to someone who is looking for them. These are rare and very had...
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    FS: CX-9 Wheels

    Anyone looking for the stock 2010 20'' CX-9 wheels? I have all four(4) for sale.
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    Wtb parts!

    Looking for stock parts for my Protege MP3: - 2001-2003 Protege Hood in perfect condition (If in blue, great!) - Driver side fender (If possible in Blue, if not no worries) All Shipped to 33404........
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    Wtb: Coilovers

    I've been searching for coilovers for my MP3 for a while now and I'm not sure which are the best ones out there.......... One thing for sure is that they are not cheap, well priced at over $1,000
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    Wtb: Msp front bumper and radiator support

    I am looking for a msp bumper and radiator support for my car........
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    WTB: Radiator Support!

    I am looking for a Radiator Support for my 2001 MP3 and if possible in blue but doesn't have to be blue....... Mine is currently a lil damaged and bent from an accident.... If you have one let me know, Thank you
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    Mp3 ecu!!!

    WTB: I am looking for a MP3 ECU if anyone has it please let me know........ Mine went bad after accident, popped up a bunch of codes so I replaced it with a stock 2.0L Protege ECU