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  1. GoFrogs

    Dealer service - fear tactics

    Maybe red on the cabin, but not red on the engine filter. They don't look at mileage, they only look at condition of the filter. Dirty = Red, change now. My dealer does this too and on my most recent trip there (last week) to get a new battery and change the brake fluid, they marked the cabin...
  2. GoFrogs

    2017 CX-5 GPS Tracker / Battery Killer Help, Please?

    I'm guessing it gets its power from the OBD port. That is definitely a mess. Start with stuff that can be put back easily like the fuse or unplugging the OBD connector. If nothing bad happens, start systematically dismantling the device and wires. I'm curious what the button on the Part...
  3. GoFrogs

    Under Garnish Kit

    What ^ said. I would think as long as you could provide a part number, the dealer parts counter could get the item. Now, if it isn't in the "system" because it is a non-country/region specific part, then I could see going to other sites. Of course, the dealer is going to be your most...
  4. GoFrogs

    Warning signs after battery replacement.

    Had the battery changed at the dealer, for probably $20-30 more than me doing it myself [also used $10 off coupon...yep, ten whole dollars.] The first warning sign I saw after the change said "Dip". I didn't take the sign too personally. Hope you get your issue sorted.
  5. GoFrogs

    All Season Tire Comparison/Recommendation

    Happy with or Nokian WRG4s. Had G1s and G2s on our '04 Pathfinder [255/65] and the G4s are more quiet than those previous generations. As quiet as a Grand Touring tire, no, but quieter. I realize the Entyre line is more road friendly, but our WRG4s aren't terrible in the noise department...
  6. GoFrogs

    Anyone Here Get Their 2.5T Tuned Yet?

    open deck or closed deck? is the 2.5t an open deck engine? if so, it may not be able to handle that much most as opposed to a closed deck engine. How much more boost were you wanting to run; plus, what can the stock turbo produce (reliably) before having to move to a bigger turbo? it might...
  7. GoFrogs

    Updated version of the Infotainment System Available ( NA N) for North America

    I guess it was the tech's time/labor, they were charging for. In any case, things are working so I'm not going to mess with it until absolutely necessary.
  8. GoFrogs

    2016 Mazda Cx-5 Bose Edition Stereo Replacement - is it possible?

    Will your Pioneer play nice with the Bose amp or are you going to bypass the amp? Then what about the Bose speakers and their funky impedances?
  9. GoFrogs

    Car & Driver: Our Mazda CX-5 Turbo Deserves a Better Infotainment System

    yes, everytime the big blue traffic info sign with flashing yellow lights tells me to tune into AM1700 (or similar) to warn me about something that 9.9 times out of 10 is not going to affect my drive Radio may be "old", but there is still a need (and market) for it. Other media formats may...
  10. GoFrogs

    Updated version of the Infotainment System Available ( NA N) for North America

    I have a 2016 Touring, non-Bose radio and during a recent visit to the dealer for a new battery and brake fluid flush, the service writer was kind enough to let me know that my radio version was a few revisions behind and asked if I wanted the newest revision loaded. My radio is doing fine and...
  11. GoFrogs

    2017~2020 2018 CX-5: Speaker upgrade help and what's under the dash grill

    If I remember correctly from when I put DSC series speakers in my 2016, the CSC series was a replacement for the DSC series, which had lower minimum RMS requirements and were better matches to stock head unit power levels (non-BOSE units), i.e. the stock speaker replacement/upgrade. The KSC...
  12. GoFrogs

    2016 CX5 Audio upgrade thread

    I put in some Kicker DSC3504 (3.5" 2-way 4ohm) with 600Hz inline bass blockers (6dB octave) and I think the vocals and instruments near vocal ranges have improved. It could be a placebo affect, but I think the music sounds more clear; at least the singing parts. Sure, the speakers are still...
  13. GoFrogs

    Anyone with similar problem found a solution?

    I only have it when there is a large disparity between daytime and nighttime temps during the winter and the shade visor is still in place. It does not happen in the summer as the glass never reaches the dew point.
  14. GoFrogs

    Anyone with similar problem found a solution?

    yes, it happens to me and I don't have a covercraft or OEM padded, folding windshield cover. I just have the grey, 2-circle folding cover found in many stores. The cover is causing an area on the windshield, similar to a terrarium. The cover is trapping moisture near the glass. When the...
  15. GoFrogs

    Upgraded (harder) Engine and Transmission Mounts?

    as with my VW GTI 1.8t (4 cyl) 5spd, a 3-piece (engine/trans/pitch mount) "stage 1" poly mount kit 70a durometer vs stock 40a-50a rubber mount increased NVH in a noticeable fashion. but it did make shifting much more direct and connected (along with other small enhancements I added) You may...
  16. GoFrogs

    Anyone install any brand rear seat covers on a 2016(.5) CX-5?

    do you have a part/model number of the cover that you are using?
  17. GoFrogs

    OEM Interior lighting kit (footwell) KB7W-V7-050

    seems like the easiest solution is to buy one of the numerous interior LED strip kits that are available on the market; most with a remote and or sound sensor to pulse with the music. due to a simpler installation, the lights would only be on when the lights (parking and up) are on as one would...
  18. GoFrogs

    Malfunction Codes after Battery Replacement?

    I'll check the brake fluid, but it looked fine when I was hooking up the jumper cables. Yes, I have a battery tender on hand. Static voltage of the battery, no load was 11.3 volts. The car would click upon start and I could here the TP motor buzzing, but the engine would not turn over...
  19. GoFrogs

    A presumed safety item that isn't safe - daytime running lights

    without reading the article, I can attest to them not as "safe" as they are made out to me. other than people not turning on their headlights during low light situations, especially with backlit gauges, DRLs don't save you from people not paying attention. in 2004, just bought my new GTI with...
  20. GoFrogs

    Malfunction Codes after Battery Replacement?

    [2016 CX-5 Touring] this thread is relevant to me. any update to your situation? the other day, the spouse says the (parking) brake light is on when she started the car, but it went away after the drive. this morning, the car would not start without a jump from the other vehicle. She was...