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    GPS clock issue

    Wait until 11:55. Disconnect battery, check battery water levels (if applicable), check oil, coolant level, brake fluid, wiper fluid and serpentine belt. Reconnect battery. Clock will indicate a much more accurate time.
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    converting AWD to 2WD...at dealer now could use some help ASAP

    I just spent an hour in my driveway removing the rear drive shaft ( 9/16 bolts and nuts, bring a breaker bar). I drove around the neighborhood for about 10 minutes, and at 40mph at most. There is a gravel parking lot where I tried to induce an AWD situation by doing some tight turns with...
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    Anyone knows how to fix this?? CX9 2010 GT

    Sorry no solution, but it seems like the car senses resistance (like an obstruction) and wants to halt opening. Sticky/weak motor or struts?