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    2014~2020 Coverking Spacer Mesh seat covers

    Since I've traded in my Mazda6 I have a set of front seat black spacer mesh seat covers (made to order to specifically fit this car) I no longer need. I never did install the front passenger seat cover and the driver's seat cover has about 40k miles of use but has no holes or tears in it. Rather...
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    Good bye to the 6

    Hey all, I'll be trading my 2016 Mazda6 GT for a 2019 Buick Regal TourX wagon on Saturday. I love my Mazda6 and prefer the ride and feel over the Buick but I need a wagon. I became paralyzed in a racing crash back in 2013. I bought my 6 in August of 2015 not knowing I would be getting into...
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    New battery at 4 yrs 41k miles???

    Battery was starting to show weakness. AAA tested it and it was down to about 330 CCA. Seems like I should have gotten more life out of it but oh well. It's a non-iEloop 2016 GT. Car is always garage parked and I live in Upstate SC so no extreme weather conditions. I do tend to drive short...
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    Heated seats suck?

    2016 Grand Touring. My heated seats suck big time. Not even that warm on high really. The heated seats in my 2008 MX5 Miata GT are way better in comparison. Most other cars I ride in that have heated seats I need to turn down to low after about 5 or 10 minutes in the car. I can leave mine on...
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    Who plans to retrofit Apple Carplay or Android Auto into your 6?

    Wondering what your dealership is quoting you?
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    Yokohama Advan Sport All Season tires

    Just came home from Discount Tire after having a set of these installed. First set after the OEM Dunlops. I immediately noticed a smoother ride on the initial slower roads. I got out on the highway and noticed slightly more wind noise and engine noise because these tires are noticeably more...
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    Paint flaking off dark GT wheels

    I read well over a year ago about how some GT owners with the dark wheels had paint flaking off them and Mazda warrantied them. I bought my 2016 GT on Aug 3, 2015. My wheels did not show this problem until just a week ago. (garage kept 33,600 mile car) I went to my local dealer and showed him...
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    Dark silver GT wheels paint match???

    2016 GT with dark silver wheels. There is no paint code for them and it is a two stage paint process at the factory. Anybody come up with a good match for very minor curb rash (1")?
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    Firmware updates

    Took my 2016 GT in for an oil change today and also asked for the latest firmware update which they did . How can I tell the version of the update? I just want to keep track of where I am so when I hear of another update I know when to get it loaded.
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    Anybody hack the infotainment system on 2016 Mazda6?

    Specifically, the GPS sucks and I'd like a better system.
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    Tires for latest gen Mazda6 19"

    Any feedback from people who have bought new tires for their latest gen 6? I'm looking for quiet, smooth, at least 40k miles as top priorities. A decent price would be nice too.
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    Tires for latest gen Mazda6

    I don't need tires yet for my 2016 GT. I'm just curious what others experience are. Since I've got a Miata for my aggressive driving, these are my priority: 1. Smooth and quiet ride. 2. Mileage of 40,000 at least. 3. Good all around traction. Not really worried about snow since I live in SC...
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    Latest gen Mazda6 highway mileage?

    I've got a 2016 Mazda6 GT without the iEloop package. 13k miles on it. Oil changed every 5k with full synthetic. The best highway mileage I've gotten to date has been 36 driving in the low 70's with a lot of cruise control. My typical highway driving is around 80 and it drops to around 34. I...
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    2016 GT cruise control problem

    Anybody else run have their cruise control buttons work intermittently on their 3rd gen 6? They replaced the "pad" under the buttons in the steering wheel. Seemed to have fixed it for a month but it is back again.
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    Paddle extensions - nice find

    IMO, the stock paddle shifters are too small. I found these extensions on ebay. Only $30 plus shipping. They are aluminum and are very good quality.
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    GT wheel paint flaking off?

    I was on Mazda6club.com and there is a thread with several people having the paint flake off the wheel. This is on the dark colored wheels on the GT. Anybody here have that problem? Seems as though most people got Mazda to replace their wheels.
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    Dark Silver wheel touch up paint?

    I scuffed one of my wheels today. Is there a touch up paint for the dark silver wheels on the 16 GT?
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    Wheel spacers and OEM stud length

    What is the thickest spacer I could use on a 2016 Mazda6 and still use the OEM studs and lug nuts?
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    tap turn signal duration?

    The factory setting is 3 blinks of the turn signal. I could not find if this could be changed. Anybody know if I can increase the number of blinks? 2016 GT.
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    Cruise control failed

    The cruise control failed in my 2016 GT. Only 5900 miles. I do leave the cruise set in the ON position all the time. I'm not sure if that contributed to the failure but it shouldn't. In case you are wondering, I use cruise control very frequently because I'm paralyzed and using cruise gives my...