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  1. RedBaron

    Help with Finding part name/#

    There must be dozens of equivalent clips available, just visit (well, if you can right now) the Help/Dorman isle your local parts store. If nothing else, use a christmas tree pin and a couple of zip-ties
  2. RedBaron

    Obd2 not working after battery replacement

    I absolutely DOES supply DC 12V power. That's how most simple OBD readers are powered. See pin 16:
  3. RedBaron

    Taking my car in for its first service, they will check tranny fluid but not top off if low

    I've been done with it for a long while, but I have to keep clicking on it to turn off the "unread" bolding each time I scan the threads :( #FirstWorldProblems
  4. RedBaron

    Windows only go halfway down?

    Bad battery is my guess. The voltage is low and has caused the window positioning to reset. Presuming they'll go all the way down if you hold the button, run them down like that and then all the way up again (holding the button). That should reset the positioning. But check your battery.
  5. RedBaron

    Grand Touring - Engine Swap

    Given that the initial problem was a blown head gasket, I would think the best solution (and cheapest) is to put in a new/used head back in. I would further suggest you follow your mechanic's recommendation. He should be able to see if the block is OK.
  6. RedBaron

    Slotted discs causing clicking sound, when braking

    I have slotted discs on other cars - never had a clicking sound. I would think that something else is wrong.
  7. RedBaron

    Power-seat noise

    It's on youtube - maybe it's blocked for you? Here's the link with a space after the http: http ://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=nO2NnSMOxpE
  8. RedBaron

    2017~2020 Video From autoexpert.com.au about 2020 Mazda CX5

    Actually, it's true what he says about the CD. Why on earth would you want to look at that display instead of concentrating on DRIVING? Obviously he's over the top in his presentation, but that's show biz.
  9. RedBaron

    Updated version of the Infotainment System Available ( NA N) for North America

    Mazda provides the updates free too. It's the dealer that's charging you to apply the update... just like if you went to Best Buy to get a new OS/update put on your home PC. But as you can tell from this thread, it's easy enough for you to do your own update for free.
  10. RedBaron

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Here: https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/index.php?threads/spot-the-lighting-mod.123831398/
  11. RedBaron

    Under Garnish Kit

    You can find those on Aliexpress for between $60-$80 shipped
  12. RedBaron

    Bolts but no nuts in engine bay

    So take pics and show us
  13. RedBaron

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    I just replaced the bulb with an eBay cool white LED festoon bulb. Much brighter and it works fine now. I was going to add a second light in the roof (did that with my 2014) but there's no need now.
  14. RedBaron

    Mazda Cx-5 touring won't start?

    Hmmm. Combative, you say? Seems like a lot of possible solutions were posted... failed/maladjusted brake switch; leaking brake vacuum; failed/maladjusted transmission-nuetral switch (this happened to me); bad battery. Try them all.
  15. RedBaron

    Broken outer door panel trim

    In any case, be that as it may, Parts/prices for a 2014 are here (you don't say what model/year your car is but it looks like a Gen1): https://www.bamwholesaleparts.com/v-2014-mazda-cx-5--touring--2-5l-l4-gas/body--exterior-trim-rear-door
  16. RedBaron

    Broken outer door panel trim

    As I said, you can probably reuse the clips and just slide on a new panel. I know that my daughters Civic worked like that. I had to remove the plastic trim over the rocker panel at one point... there was a screw (or clip, maybe) that stopped the panel from sliding and that had to be undone...
  17. RedBaron

    Broken outer door panel trim

    From the look of them, you may well be able just to slide the new panel onto the existing clips.
  18. RedBaron

    How long does the 2017 original equipment battery remain trouble free?

    No battery is likely to last 10-12 years. Yes there will be exceptions, especially if carefully looked-after, but the reality is that there are only three battery manufacturers in the US - Johnson Controls, Exide and East Penn - that make all the batteries for the various 'brand names'...
  19. RedBaron

    Retrofit auto up/down to ALL windows

    The limit sensing is at a far lower level than a high enough current to dim the lights. By the way, there are NO limit switches. That's why you have to reset the auto window function after you disconnect the battery - if there were limit switches, you wouldn't need to. With the Directed...
  20. RedBaron

    Retrofit auto up/down to ALL windows

    Not sure this is correct. Anti pinch usually works by motor current sensing. You can add aftermarket auto-up/down devices too. I did that with another car and it works well.