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    USA TODAY article featuring RX8

    Hopefully this isn't a re-post, but thought some might find this interesting. The article is really about the growth of motorsports and how manufactures are taking notice. But it happens to feature a guy who races an RX8. MAZDA FTW! http://www.usatoday.com/money/autos/2008-03-12-racing_N.htm
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    Why not a 3-rotor?

    Hopefully this isn't a repost......I admit I don't surf the net and read all the magazines like I used to, so maybe I've missed the answer to this somewhere from the "in-the-know" crowd....With all the talk of the "new" RX8 in another thread...and even newer RX9 I keep wondering. MAZDA used the...
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    Rotary engine build video from MAZDA

    Hopefully this isn't some old re-post. Apologies in advance and Mods are free to delete if it is. I just saw this for the first time, thought it was pretty cool..... http://www.mazda.com/mazdaspirit/rotary/howto/index.html
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    Ok, just for a change from the latest "how do I do this?" and "why won't it start?" threads...... Something "cpaman" said in a recent thread started me reminiscing about my first rotary, a 1981 RX7 "S" model. First brand-new car I ever bought (yeah, I'm a fossil). But what a car. It was light...
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    Protege OEM AM/FM CD Head unit

    Hey guys, Currently I'm running the factory double din receiver/CD player in my car. I'm not a audio buff, and it works pretty well, but being 14 year old technology, it won't take CD-Rs and tends to skip occasionally with my stiffer suspension. Recently I was told that a late model Protege...