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    Racing a Mazda 3 Gen 3

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has taken their Gen3 Mazda3 to the track. Whether it be autocross, circuit tracks, drag racing etc. I have a 2018 Mazda3 GT automatic, I was wondering what sort of "weak links" the car might have ie. Maybe the transmission gets to hot after extended driving...
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    GT2560R turbo. Forged internals. Intercooler/radiator setups.

    Hoping to find a turbo for my MSP build. I would prefer a GT2560R. Also looking for FS-DE forged pistons and or rods. Finally also looking for an intercooler, radiator, and intercooler piping setup for an MSP. Sent from my Moto G Play using Tapatalk
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    Factory Mazda2 specs?

    I was wondering if anyone had information on the factory Mazda2 suspension specifications. Factory spring rates, factory stabilizer bar size/sizes. I own a 2012 Mazda2 GX automatic and I am thinking of trading in for a 2013 Mazda2 GX manual with convenience package. For some reason when...