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    Impossible to properly dry by hand ;-)

    Some Sunday humor.... I've been hand-washing my CX 9 a few times since the purchase. I think it is impossible to hand-dry this car well. It has too many tigh spots where water likes to gather. Around door seals, mirrors, front grill areas, rear of the car, etc. It is just hopeless, once you dry...
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    AC turning off by itself?

    Is there any condition under which AC turns itself off while starting my vehicle? This happened to me twice. AC was on while driving and car was parked for a few hrs. Then started again and AC was off. In 99% cases it stays on, just 2 occurences it happened to be off. There is a small chance I...
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    BOSE Autopilot weirdness

    2019 CX9 Anybody else noticed weird audio volume changes caused by Bose Autopilot? I start to drive listening to music, then slow down to take a turn or stop at an intersection and volume decreases very noticeably and stays lowered. At least for me that was annoying enough to disable it...