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    Wheel spacer question

    Not a Mazda question---a buddy just picked up a 2018 Acura MDX and is looking for snow tires & wheels. The stock Mazda wheels have a 55mm positive offset. That's more than most cars. Our CX9s have 45 mm offset. Aftermarket wheels seem to max out at 40 mm, and I've read that one should shoot...
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    What do I need to know about a roof cargo box?

    It's never too early to watch craigslist for a roof cargo box for skis for next winter. 2016 CX-9. I have the rails, so I'll get the Mazda crossbars. (Anyone want to sell me crossbars?) Mazda 0000-8L-N11 crossbars cost about $175 from the mail order outlets, they have a 200# weight rating...