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  1. mreg376

    GT-R (turbo) vs. Hybrid CR-V ??

    Yes, I noticed that. And I've found Alex to one of the most informative and accurate reviewers on YouTube.
  2. mreg376

    Factory ordering accessories (Reposted In Acc)

    Btw, this guy is a mechanical engineer who makes excellent videos on all aspects of car-related engineering subjects. Worth watching on a regular basis.
  3. mreg376

    Lease Ending for My 2017 CX5 GT

    Umm, I can see not wanting to PAY for the turbo, but how can anyone who drives a car "not care" for a more powerful engine?
  4. mreg376

    Factory ordering accessories

    Haha yes. The answers to those pitches must always be no! My current lease is up in July, so I guess I'll start the process in May. Thanks again.
  5. mreg376

    Factory ordering accessories

    Thanks for the info! Can you give me a little insight about the ordering process? How long it took, was the dealer happy to do it, were you able to get any discounts, etc? Thanks again.
  6. mreg376

    Factory ordering accessories

    Is there a list somewhere of which accessories can be or must be installed at the factory (or port)? I'm not a fan of dealer installs of anything (although this will be my first Mazda and first experience with Mazda dealers), and would like to know what accessories can be ordered with a factory...
  7. mreg376

    Factory ordering accessories (Reposted In Acc)

    Sorry -- moved to accessories forum...
  8. mreg376

    Insurance Ripoffs

    This is a ridiculous thread. There are MANY variables to an insurance rate, including the COVERAGE purchased, the drivers' credit ratings, the drivers' driving records, the geographic location, etc. This original post is worth nothing, and the replies even less.
  9. mreg376

    2017~2020 Condesation rear lamp in new CX 5

    Why they would think it is the lamp or wire harness is beyond me. They're idiots. It's obvious that the lamp housing/module is not sealed properly. Make them replace the entire module.
  10. mreg376

    Are you waiting for a third-generation CX-5?

    And the Rav4 Hybrid also has some cold-starting issues.
  11. mreg376

    2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings of CX-5 and a few competitors

    I also thought CR's analysis showing reduced reliability right after a vehicle was redesigned was interesting, and quite plausible.
  12. mreg376

    Test drove 2019 CX-5. Disappointed

    Well, after doing much research, watching all the YouTube reviews, and basically deciding that the 2020 Signature would be my next vehicle after my Jeep Cherokee lease expires in July, I took a test drive of a 2019 Signature yesterday. The CX-5 is off my list. I found it to be cramped, not...
  13. mreg376

    2020 infotainment

    In another part of this forum someone posted something about the 2020's indicating that the touch screen will go to 8". Does anyone have a theory about whether it will be 8" with the same crappy system or a brand new system, like the Mazda 3?
  14. mreg376

    Winter/Snow tires

    I'm planning on getting my first CX-5. I have a cabin in Northeast Pennsylvania, and it gets quite snowy and icey and freezing cold. I'd be interested in knowing people's impressions of how the CX-5 performs under those conditions, from those who stick with the all-seasons and also from those...
  15. mreg376

    XM reception

    I have had XM radios for 20 years, and have always had excellent reception, until my current 2017 Jeep Cherokee, which has poor reception of XM's urban area terrestrial repeaters. I don't want to get into a "I hate XM/I love XM" debate, but I would appreciate if people can give me their...
  16. mreg376

    High Speed Driving

    Not that I condone law-breaking, but I do tend to do a bit of high-speed driving (80's+), on dry pavement of course. Can anyone tell me how the CX-5 performs generally at high speed?
  17. mreg376

    Ordering a CX-5

    Has anyone done a factory order for a CX-5? If so, how's the experience, and the pricing? Thanks.
  18. mreg376

    OEM Trailer Hitch

    If you order a CX-5 with the trailer hitch, is that installed at the factory, the port, or the dealer? Thanks.