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    Who inherited my car?

    It's been a while since I traded my 3-peadal 2009 Mazd5 in. It was a great car and I always loved it but my commute has changed to a 100 mile round trip and, as many of you know, 5-speed Mazda5 is anything but quite on the highway, so slightly over a year ago I went to the dark side and became...
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    Retractable cargo cover (black)

    It is stil available...
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    Retractable cargo cover (black)

    Retractable cargo cover (black) I sold my M5 and the cargo cover is looking for a new home. $80/BO List Date: 3/11/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Retractable cargo cover (black) -------------------------------------- On Sale For: $80.00...
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    No more Mazda in the family

    I did not want to say "Goodbye" as I am sure I will keep checking this forum. However, on this Monday our family has officially become Mazdaless. First time in 12 years. Our 5 is gone (has been traded in) and, hopefully, will find a new and (I am sure) happy owner. I liked the car very...
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    Car and Driver view of 5

    http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/car/11q2/2012_mazda_5_sport_manual-short_take_road_test For those of you who are still in doubt: Stick brings no additional fuel economy but a lot of fun (confirmed by personal observations)
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    Mazda5 parents

    I actually came close to buying some of these vehicles 20 years ago... http://www.autos.ca/auto-articles/feature-multi-purpose-vehicles-are-making-a-comeback
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    Climate control question: feature or a bug?

    Car in question: 2009 Sport, MT, automatic climate control. According to the owner manual, when AUTO mode is turned on, A/C is turned on and the air is automatically directed to the windshield and feet area. I played with this a bit and it seemed that it is possible to turn the A/C off and...
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    A real newbie with an option question

    I currently own an MPV and an old Volvo. Sometime in not so distant future (perhaps before the year is over) I will be owning two Mazdas: the MPV and 5 Sport with a manual transmission. A few weeks ago as the MPV was getting its oil changed, I bounced around the showroom and talked to a...