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    2015 Looking Good

    My daughter was home from college for Christmas and I detailed her car (my car since I paid for it) before she went back. Last summer I did a ceramic finish on it, and yesterday I put a new top coat of Si02 spray from Blackfire Magic. Car looks great with a smooth wax like finish.
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    Navigation Chip Failure

    I have a 2017 CX 9 GT, which we love. The other day the Nav failed to load and it said our car wasn't equipped with a Nav chip, but we obviously had one. I turned the car off, and removed the chip. After a few minutes I re-inserted the chip and started the car. The infotainment system said...
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    1st replacement tires for 2015 Mazda 3 i Touring 15" wheels

    My daughter has about 30,000 on her Mazda 3 16" wheels. Looking to replace the Bridgestone Eccopia OEM tires. Looking at either the Pirelli Centurado P7, or the Michellin Defender, or back to the Bridgestone Eccopias. We live in Southern California, mostly dry weather, no snow. Any thoughts...
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    broken seatbelt

    Anyone have problems with the 2nd row, center seat? Our seat belt for that position has pulled all the way out and will not retract. Took it to the dealership and they are replacing it under warranty. 2017 CX 9 GT
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    Loose Center Arm Rest

    My daughter's 2015 Mazda 3 developed a loose/wobbly arm rest. Found out there is a pin that can work itself loose and come out from repeated opening/closing. Easy fix, sit in the back seat and remove the rear cover to the center console. There are 2 pins, one on each side. It is easy to see...
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    After Market Nav Chip

    Has anyone purchased the after market chips sold on Amazon or Ebay? They seem cheaper than the "dealer" chips. But I'm worried about the knock off chips not working. Thanks Scott
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    Price check for Mazda 3 Touring Automatic

    Looking to buy a new 2018 Mazda 3 Touring Automatic. Has any body purchased a similar car recently? and if so, what price did you get? Thanks
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    Navigation update

    I have a 2017 CX-9 GT, purchased in late November. Whenever we went to use the voice activated navigation where we supposed to say out loud the address we wanted to navigate to, we got a verbal reply that this feature was not available. Took the car to the dealer for 2 warranty items...
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    Splash Guards for CX 9, 2017

    I ordered and installed my front and rear splash guards the other day. The parts guy at the Tuttle Click dealership gave them to me at cost, $35 each, $70 for both sets since it was for a new car purchase. Nice that they offered the reduced price. Took me about 2 hours to install all 4...
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    2017 CX 9 GT firdt trip and MPG

    New 2017 CX 9 GT, just took it on a 1,000 mile trip. On my trip north to Santa Cruz through tough LA traffic and cruising at 75 mph I got 25 mpg. On the way home I eased up and cruised at 65 and I got 29.5. At one point I was over 30.5 mpg, but again LA freeway traffic lowered my avg. Very happy...
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    dealership -vs- independent shop for services

    The dealership was trying their best to encourage all services at a dealer. They kept saying that with the "Skyactive" technology I need to come in once a year for an IOS type of software upgrade that costs about $150, along with their $75 oil change. I have either done my own services or gone...
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    loud or rough idle when cold

    I just bought a 2015 Mazda 3 itouring, 2.0 liter, auto. Our test drive was in the afternoon, car ran great. The next morning when it was cold, the car idle sounded a bit rough and loud. After 2 minutes it smoothed out. Is this normal? I called the dealership and they said yes. There is the...
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    front passenger airbag seat sensor

    we have a 2012 CX9, 2 months old. When my wife sits in the front passenger seat about half of the time, the airbag off light is on. She only weighs about 105#, and the dealer couldn't replicate the problem. Anyone have any info on this? Thanks Scott
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    Backup Camera Question

    We just bought a 2012 CX9 GT with the nav system with the backup camera. On our multiple test drives of different CX9's at different dealerships we noticed that some backup units have the green,yellow and red lines indicating how far away something is. On the car we bought we don't have these...
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    2012 CX 9 Grand Touring

    Well, we purchased our new CX 9 yesterday from Bob Baker's Carlsbad Mazda and were very pleased with the salesman and dealership. Fred Bandi, the salesman, was fantastic and spent 2 hours with my wife going over all the features and explaining fine details of the car. We love the car and how...
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    Question on air circulation

    We are looking at buying a new CX9 (2012) Grand touring. However, we have a concern about poor air circulation in the 3rd row. Some of our friends have the car and their kids complain that it gets hot in the 3rd row since there are no vents back there. There are only the ac vents in the...