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    Neutral Switch Connects to what?

    From the service manual I can see that there is a Neutral Switch Connector on the Manual Tranny, does anyone know where this leads to? (IE. to what is this switch signaling or actually triggering?) Thanks
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    HIGH IDLE, only in gear, fine in neutral

    Very weird problem. Car idles fine in neutral. With the clutch fully disengaged, putting the car into gear (any gear even reverse) will cause the IDLE to go up to about 1500-2000rpm and stay there, moving it back to neutral will cause it to go back down to 800rpm. Ingear: High idle Neutral...
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    Steady boost - spikes up/down at WOT

    I have a problem with maintaining a steady boost under WOT at max boost around 7psi. If Im under the max psi (before wastegate opens I am assuming) the boost is steady. Once I hit the max boost the boost starts fluctuating really fast about 1psi give or take. The needle on the boost gauge...
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    Injen intake touches rad fan with SMIC

    I just installed my custommsp SMIC and hardpipes yesterday. After the install I noticed the Rad fan now touches/rubs against my Injen Intake about an inch or so out from the turbo. I searched the forums and didnt see anyone else make reference to this. Does anyone else have the same setup?
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    Hardpipes made for MAF relocation.

    Hey guys, I know there are about 1000 threads regarding this, but most of them are how and where to locate the MAF/BOV etc... Does anyone know if there are any vendors out there that are selling these so i dont have to go custom? My requirement will include getting rid of the stock BPV I dont...