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    MP3 with fuel filling problems

    thank you, pcb. I will look into it. I did drain a bit of fuel from the charcoal canister, but I was under the impression it just needed to dry out, not be replaced. I will replace it.
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    MP3 with fuel filling problems

    Hey All, I bought an MP3 with a blown motor from a Pick-n-Pull and resurrected it for autocross and rallycross purposes. It is a ton of fun, but has a couple of little issues: 1) It is difficult to fill the fuel tank. When I begin to fill the fuel, the pump stops after a few seconds, so filling...
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    WTB: OEM Protege Security System wiring harness and led.

    Hi All, I am looking for the wiring harness and led for my 2001 MP3, and perhaps the shock sensor. I already have the main brain unit, but would consider buying a whole kit if someone has it to sell. Thanks