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  1. MazMetalhead

    2004~2008 Brakes soft after replacement and bleeding

    Most likely, but the pedal doesn't sink to the floor or at all. And the pedal only softens when the car runs... It's very strange. And the car does stop fine, it's like the first half of the pedal travel is wrong and it firms up halfway down.
  2. MazMetalhead

    What's everybody paying for gas?

    $1.89ish for regular in eastern Maine.
  3. MazMetalhead

    2004~2008 Brakes soft after replacement and bleeding

    The car has 203k miles and it was neglected for the past couple years at least (not by me, I bought it at the beginning of the year). I've definitely thought of the master cylinder. The brakes were squishy when I bought it but I attributed that to all the brakes practically being metal on metal...
  4. MazMetalhead

    2004~2008 Brakes soft after replacement and bleeding

    Hi everyone, looking for thoughts. I replaced rotors and pads on my '05 3, and while the pedal is very firm with the engine off, but completely softens with the engine running. Like, you have to use a tremendous amount of force to make the car stop. I bled the brakes after changing them using...
  5. MazMetalhead

    Why does the rest of the world always get better options?

    Isn't about half of that tax?
  6. MazMetalhead

    My $260 Mazda3 progress thread

    So I finished up the rear brakes tonight. They were very neglected. I bought a set of all 4 coated rotors (because salt) and ceramic pads off eBay. They look and fit fine so we'll see if they perform ok. They're certainly better than what was on there! Before: After:
  7. MazMetalhead

    Found a friend

    My wagon found a lil' buddy at my kid's daycare the other morning!
  8. MazMetalhead

    Off Topic What else does everyone drive?

    I'd love to have a Shelby but one in good condition is hard to find and over my current budget of $0, haha. Good guess, but it's the Bangor airport. This was over near the GE building. It's a perfect spot for photos.
  9. MazMetalhead

    Off Topic What else does everyone drive?

    Nice S2000! A definite top enthusiast choice. This is my passion project, an 88 Dodge Daytona 5-spd. I got it a little over 2 years ago and before then I had never so much as changed my own oil. Now I can do a lot more!
  10. MazMetalhead

    My $260 Mazda3 progress thread

    I still have to do the rear brakes. I have a lot of little paint touch-ups to do, and the interior still needs cleaning. Then just little maintenance stuff as time goes on, ie. spark plugs, filters, fluid changes, etc.
  11. MazMetalhead

    My $260 Mazda3 progress thread

    I've now painted the new rockers and the repaired wheel wells. So I did the front brakes over the weekend and it was warm and dry enough, so I took the 3 through the car wash on my way to Home Depot. It's really a pretty nice looking car when clean!
  12. MazMetalhead

    New Mazda5 owner! Couldn't be happier!

    Great cars! Is yours a manual? I'd love to drive one with a stick.
  13. MazMetalhead

    Possibly a paddle shift swap into Gen 2 CX-5

    Tacoma and Frontier are still flying the flag, and that's it. Yes, Gladiator too. Colorado, Canyon and Ram heavy duty all dropped the MT in the past year or two.
  14. MazMetalhead

    Moving up from CX5?

    Considering taking such a financial hit because you think your dogs need more room is a real head scratcher for me. I'm jealous of your financial situation, I guess.
  15. MazMetalhead

    Is Mazda's upcoming MX-30 on your shopping list?

    I'll give it to you there: the doors are awesome and at least do something to set the model apart. But as far as looks, the Mazda definitely looks more chiseled and aggressive, but yeah unfortunately a lot of other vehicles look similar to me. For comparison: Mazda Nissan Kicks Hyundai...
  16. MazMetalhead

    Is Mazda's upcoming MX-30 on your shopping list?

    It just looks like most every other CUV on the market. I see this being lost in the eventual deluge of electric CUVs and it's likely Mazda will price it too high. Not trying to be negative, but I foresee it being a flop in the US (if it ever comes here).
  17. MazMetalhead

    My $260 Mazda3 progress thread

    Rocker panels: what a disaster! Original after removing the plastic side sills: I bought panels for both sides online for under $100 including shipping and had a local guy weld them in. I washed them off after getting the car home so I'll be priming and painting them soon. After welding:
  18. MazMetalhead

    Computer records

    Pretty sure it should be the OP's insurance co. doing the investigative work on this since it'll be the one suing the other lady's insurance in court. That's what we pay to have insurance for--so we don't have to use our own money in court when someone lies.
  19. MazMetalhead

    Mazda6 Photos - Share your pics!

    My wagon this morning: