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    "Premium DSP Upgrade" Inspired by Musicar Northwest; Anyone tried this?

    Audio is very subjective especially in a car. I‘ve had many different upgraded systems and I find the Mazda Bose to be very good quality and a definite upgrade over stock. I have also spent thousands on aftermarket upgrades before carmakers started focusing more on sound so I have no problem...
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    Has anyone bought a CX-30 yet?

    That would have been my first choice if I could afford it as much as I like the Mazda. Nice consolation I‘d say.
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    Radar Cruise Control

    As someone who agrees with what you and Buzzman12 have been saying I can’t see how you could not reread your posts and realize that they are condescending. And TBH it’s got to the point where you’ve devalued your well thought out and informative posts with this superior attitude. If you come...