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    WTB: MSP front bumper

    Where are you located and what condition are you looking for?
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    WTB: FSH9 intake camshaft and FSD7 Exhaust Camshafts

    I may have the cam you are looking for sitting in my drawer that I may just let go. :)
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    WTB: Vibrant header Gen 1 2.3L

    I have exactly what you are looking for. Can't seem to message you. I think you need to get a few more posts on this forum to have private conversations
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    MSP/Protege aftermarket clutch

    Anyone have a clutch for sale?
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    Canadian black headlights, JDM hatch tail lights

    Headlights are original and in really good condition. Left headlight is mint, right side could use some work, price reflects this. $140 JDM tail lights for the Protege5. These are bolt on and include the harnesses. $280 Prices may include shipping, depending on shipping cost. Thanks...
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    2006 Hatch wiring replacement

    Hey all, I have recently rescued a beautiful White 2006 Mazda 3 from being junked. The guy started parting it out so I took it off his hands before it was in pieces. The rear hatch was missing so I found another one that was rusty but a temporary replacement locally. Only thing is, the wires...
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    Difficulty filling up gas

    Hi all, Have been having trouble fueling my car. At first i noticed that the pump cut off earlier than when the tank is full. The problem became worse and now it takes me about 10 minutes to put in 20 litres of fuel. Basically, the anti spill mechanism on the fueling gun triggers because the...
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    Which ECU?

    Hey all, Going to buy a Mazda 3, but the person who is going to sell it already started parting it and has sold the ECU... There are 4 different part numbers for a 2006, 2.3L AT hatch, where should I find more info before I go to the yard and choose the wrong ECU version? Thanks. Phil.
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    Which mazda 3?

    Hey all, I am always in the protege section, so don't come see Mazda 3s too often :P So my mom is buying a 2006 Mazda 3 and has a choice between 2 cars. Both are white hatches: 1. $3300 - rust on quarters, trunk, hood, rockers, some underbody rust. Nothing perforated, but paint matching...
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    Will not crank

    Hi all, Been trying to fix my friends msp that doesn't even try to crank. Was completely random, right after a fill up, it never cranked again. What I tried: - checked battery connection, solid and clean - all fuses good - cleaned that infamous spade connector going to the starter really...
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    MP3 ECU in Protege5

    No one answered these yet, so I will :) The MP3 had a smooth power band and ~5HP more. Albeit, you won't see the same numbers unless you have the exhaust from the MP3 as well. http://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?123746537-FS-MP3-ECU-150-shipping
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    Canadian and Depo black headlights and fog lights

    The depo light is pretty much new condition. The OEM light needs a restoration. No broken tabs or clips. No cracks in the headlight lenses. One of the fog lights is in really good shape, the other is slightly fogged up. Both have rusty brackets but that's normal. $185 shipped for the...
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    Some kind of alarm?

    Hey all, Just picked up an msp that is pretty much junk due to rust but has good parts. I was checking out this little box on the passenger side I have never seen before and snagged the ground. The thing started making alarm sounds until I grounded it again. Here it is: Some kind of after...
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    Canadian EGR

    Hey all, Selling a Canadian EGR, in great condition. For anyone having issues with rough idle or need an EGR replacement, this is your chance to get a nice, rare EGR only sold in Canada. This version last many years over the regular EGR valve and I am selling it for less than a regular new EGR...
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    Hit the curb, replaced parts, problems persist

    Hey all. So my buddy hit the curb with his MSP and bent his control arm so bad that he could barely turn his steering wheel, somehow he got it home. In any case, We replaced the control arm and sway bar links, and the alignment was really off. I tried turning the tie rod end a little to get it...
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    Coolant leak from where?

    Hi all, I am usually in the protege section of the forum, but my buddy is having issues with his 2007 Mazda 3 (2.0L) and thought I would help. There is a steady coolant leak, but not when idling. Seems like its getting all over the accessory belt, which may have fried his alternator (battery...
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    Mazda of the Month | VOTE NOW for March!

    Mspeedp5 kinda reminds me of when you are playing NFS underground or MW and have all the tunes possible to your car. Got my vote ;)
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    Blown/leaking/bad turbo

    Hi all, If you had a turbo thats bad or on its way out, send me a picture with problem/condition and a price and I will consider buying it. Thanks, Phil.
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    Mazda Protege5 Black Leather seat skins

    Hey all, I have a set of leather seat skins from a Mazda protege5. These are just the skins for both the front and the rear seats, without the actual skeleton of the seats. You can remove the cloth skins from your protege or protege5 and these will fit right over. Keep in mind that if you have...