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  1. J

    CX FS: 2nd Gen CX-5 Accessories

    For sale is the remnants of my recently sold 2018 Touring CX5. This is nearly everything you need for your CX5 to keep your car safe, secure and clean. - Roof Rack Cross Bars (OEM) - Rubber Mats (OEM) - Wheel Locks x4 (OEM) - Truck Mat (Aftermarket - Weathertech) - Cargo Cover (Aftermarket) -...
  2. J

    Cylinder Deactivation Update

    After it was all said and done the agreement is that I get what I paid out the door minus a usage fee based on the number of miles I put on the car at time I first took the car in. What that means to me is I get all downpayment/monthly payments I've put in, minus mazda prorated milage ($3.6kish)...
  3. J

    Cylinder Deactivation Update

    Good question. My CX5 was in the category of lemon under state law when taking the following 4 criteria into account. 1. The amount of times that I brought my CX5 in for repair 2. The length of time the CX5 was in the shop 3. The severity symptoms that I experienced 4. The type of repair...
  4. J

    Cylinder Deactivation Update

    Just want to throw a shout out to the this forum community for sharing the vast amounts of information that is floating out there in your collective brains. I posted an issue onto the forum last year. The community recommended I take the car in, which i did, and a few days later I got a PM from...
  5. J

    CX5 Wading depth

    What is the symptoms of the rear differential going out?
  6. J

    2017~2020 CEL in high altitude

    CEL keeps coming on during descent from higher altitudes. Last time this happened the vehicle started shaking like at speeds above 60mph. Light goes away once I get down to sea level and I haven't had a chance to get into a dealership (I have an appointment this week) anybody else dealing with this?
  7. J

    2017~2020 Trunk opening randomly

    Throwing this out there to see if this is an isolated issue or other people have had this issue. Has anyone else come back to their trunk/rear hatch open when you know for a fact that it was closed and locked when you walked away. This has happened 3 times in the 2 yrs I've owned my 18' cx5...
  8. J

    Best CX5 Phone Mount

    Anyone have a recommendation for a phone mount that really works well for a 2018 CX5? 2 criteria is that I prefer magnetized and not mounted on the windshield mounted? I have a wiz gear but find it slips off the vent too much. Would like something a bit more stable. If you have any that you...
  9. J

    Helpful tips for CX5 Owners

    This forum has been a really great help to me in answering questions and using threads as a sounding board for thoughts and issues I've encountered with my CX5. In return here are few things I've learned that may come in handy for someone who owns a 18' or 19' CX5. Most of these can probably be...
  10. J

    18' CX5 Touring AWD vs 19' CX5 FWD Touring

    Thought I would give a quick comparison of the my 18' CX5 AWD Touring I currently drive to the 19' CX5 FWD Touring that I have as a courtesy vehicle from the dealership. Things that changed - The 19' downsized the wheels from 19" rims to 17" rims. The ride seems a bit less harsh but the 19"...
  11. J

    2017~2020 Acceleration while Braking

    I was poking around on the NHTSA site for the 18' CX5 AWD for the issue that GoHawks and I experienced with cylinder #4 failure and found some interesting comments on the complaints section on a different topic. https://www.nhtsa.gov/vehicle/2018/MAZDA/CX-5/SUV/AWD All 5 complaints written...
  12. J

    Anybody drive their cx5 till empty?

    Any body ever confirm an actual milage on how much gas is left once the Dash says 0 miles remaining. I'm noticing at fill ups on my 18' Touring CX5 that once it hits zero on the dash I'm filling up to about 13 gallons. I believe the tank size is about 14.8-15 so that would mean approximately...
  13. J

    18' CX5 Limp Mode at Redline

    So I was at a stop light the other day in a lane that was going to merge from 3 to 2. There was a Rav4 next to me and I took off to merge. Long story short, I decided to beat the RAV4 to the merge point rather than wait for them to pass, so I mashed the gas. I was in 2nd gear and saw I was...
  14. J

    Open Rear Hatch while CX5 is Running

    Any help on this. I'd like to open the rear hatch on the CX5 while the car is running but in Park. However the trunk button on the dash doesn't seem to work while the car is on at all.
  15. J

    Damage to Brand New CX5

    So I picked up my new 2018 CX5 this past sunday. 2 days later I was on my way home on the freeway on Monday when the car in front kicked up this giant piece of sheet metal which came flying and hit my bumper/grill/top trim. Thankfully nobody was hurt but my car has a giant hole in the grill...
  16. J

    2003 Mazdaspeed Protege

    ]For Sale is my 2003 Mazdaspeed Protege. The time has come to move to a bigger vehicle. Mileage is 111200 and will go up as it is my daily driver. Asking Price $6000 The Good Engine runs strong Clean History Nonsmoker Disco Potato Turbo Upgrade (Less than 3000 miles on it, purchased brand...
  17. J

    WTB: Outer door Sill

    Looking for quantity of 4 parts for my MSP. Mine were damaged with hail. Color black
  18. J

    Smoke from Engine Bay

    Ran some Seafoam yesterday through the vacuum hoses yesterday just to clean the engine a bit. When I hit the throttle to clear the burnoff out of there a huge plume of smoke came right from the turbo to downpipe connection. I'm going to go ahead and say there was a leak. Is there any way to...
  19. J

    Turbo Bolt Sizes

    Can anybody tell me the size of studs/bolts/nuts that go on from the turbo to the downpipe on a stock downpipe? I need to replace mine as I lost a stud and nut and need to replace it. I've found the torque specs but not bolt sizes. Thanks!
  20. J

    Radiator questions

    My stock radiator has a big hole in it and left me stranded. I'm realizing that the OEM radiators are really really expensive relative to normal radiator costs and that "performance" ones are just as much if not more (mishimoto etc.) This car is my DD so I'm not looking to spend a butt load...